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December 2005

  • Windows image flaw now 'extremely critical'

    Users are being warned to avoid surfing untrusted sites as an exploit in Windows image files spreads in the wild and Microsoft has yet to release a patch.

  • Where can I get WIndows 2003 upgrade information?

    What are the specific scenarios to test when migrating from Windows NT to Windows 2003 Active Directory?Where can I get a sample comprehensive Test Plan and case scenarios?

  • Troubleshooting Volume Shadow Copy Service

    Volume Shadow Copy Service is a tool in Windows Server 2003 that makes periodic copies of files from shared folders, then stores these 'shadow' copies for later retrieval. But problems can arise wh...

  • Tips for securing iPods in the enterprise

    Despite the dangers iPods pose to the corporate network, your users may have a legitimate business reason for using them. If you can't ban them outright, here's how you can minimize their risk.

  • Getting inside DNS

    With the emergence of Active Directory, having a properly deployed DNS is a must to keep your network running correctly (or at all). Expert Laura E. Hunter breaks down the mechanics of DNS and exp...

  • Help with installing SP1 on a server

    We have a network of 12 PCs (XP Pro and W2k Pro) and we have a single server running 2003 SBS premium edition. I recently installed Service Pack 1 on the server and since then neither of our workst...

  • Windows hardware trends for 2006

    Here's what analysts have to say about how virtualization technologies, dual-core chips and blade servers will impact Windows shops in 2006.

  • Top 10 memory tips of the year

    Advice on working with flash drives and allocating memory dominated the top 10 hardware-related tips of 2005 from

  • Symantec shuts down discussion groups

    One user has started a new, independent forum in response, saying IT professionals need a place to find support for problems related to the AV giant's products.

  • Is the Celeron as powerful as a Pentium 133?

    I have an Intel Celeron with a 533 MHz bus. The computer was built by E-machines in 1999. Is the Celeron as powerful as a Pentium 133? I need to know this to install Acronis version 9.

  • Workarounds for backing up to tape over a SAN with Windows Server 2003

    Windows Server 2003 in some cases cannot perform backup to a tape device over a SAN because of a conflict with Remote Storage Manager. Here are three workarounds for the problem.

  • Software gathers network traffic stats on bandwidth use

    Admins responsible for their own networks need software that gathers network traffic statistics and reports them back in an easy-to-read format.

  • Top 10 services to lock down on Windows Server 2003

    Enabled, unused services can be security vulnerabilities on Windows 2003 Server. Jonathan Hassell lists the most dangerous enabled services on Windows 2003 Server and how they should be configured.

  • Cost-justifying antispam solutions

    Spam is a big source of complaints to our IT staff and support desk. Are antispam solutions worth the investment? How can we cost justify the investment for quick approval?

  • Free tool helps secure Terminal Services

    New freeware offered by software developer 2X improves security for Terminal Services. The tool secures remote Web servers by verifying IP addresses.

  • What file system do you recommend for Windows XP?

    What is the perfect file system (FAT/FAT32/NTFS) for Windows XP? Also, what should I do when my computer shows virtual memory is low?

  • Controlling Access-based Enumeration with Group Policy

    The addition of Access-based Enumeration to the latest Windows Server 2003 server pack shows that Microsoft has finally jumped on the security bandwagon. Expert Derek Melber explains how the featur...

  • Resolve Plug and Play errors caused by multiple SCSI devices

    Put more than one SCSI storage device on a Windows Server 2003 system, and you might get a fatal error with Plug and Play. Here's how to resolve that issue.

  • VoIP a 'moving target'

    At Interop New York, a crew of experts discussed what security challenges VoIP creates and offered some helpful tips. One expert called VoIP technology a "moving target" for attacks.

  • Wrangling the data behemoth

    Regulatory compliance and business intelligence issues are driving explosive growth in the amount of data that enterprises keep, access and secure.