January 2008

  • ELM Event Log Monitor 5.0

    ELM Event Log Monitor 5.0 from TNT Software Inc. has real-time monitoring, alerting and reporting that complements the Windows security framework.

  • Shavlik Security Intelligence

    With Shavlik Security Intelligence, Windows IT managers can view security configuration settings, system patch levels, spyware, malware and unapproved software.

  • LogADmin 2.0

    LogADmin 2.0 from NetPro Computing is a secure event log archiving, searching and analysis IT compliance tool for Windows. It's a way to meet security and compliance requirements -- without manual scripting....

  • iTrinegy Network Emulator for Windows

    INE for Windows from iTrinegy is a network emulation software package that simulates wide area, wireless, satellite or remote network conditions on a Local Area Network.

  • Training services for Microsoft Office 2007

    The Microsoft Office 2007 IT training programs offered by Brainstorm Inc. can help Windows IT managers educate their employees on the new features in Office 2007.

  • Recovery Manager for Active Directory

    Recovery Manager from Quest Software can help Windows administrators provide backup and recovery functionality for Active Directory.

  • Specops Deploy 3.2

    Specops Deploy 3.2 from Special Operations Software's is a Group Policy-based tool that deploys and distributes software to the Windows enterprise.

  • Quick Start Cards for Microsoft Office 2007

    Quick Start Cards for Microsoft Office 2007 is a tangible desk reference that IT admins can use to increase their knowledge of Microsoft applications.

  • Computer Based Training for Microsoft Office 2007

    For training employees on Microsoft Office 2007, learn how Computer-Based Training from Brainstorm helps Windows IT managers instruct employees on Windows Vista, SharePoint, Access and more.

  • ADtoolkit Version 4.0

    ADtoolkit Version 4.0 from Javelina Software can help ease management of Active Directory by providing bulk task execution and streamlined configuration of common administrative tasks.

  • GPOADmin 1.5

    GPOADmin 1.5 from Quest Software extends capabilities of Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to help streamline and automate critical tasks and provide enhanced auditing, version contr...

  • PowerEdge 1955

    Dell's PowerEdge 1955 blade server provides high-density computing with the latest enterprise server technologies.

  • PowerEdge R900

    The PowerEdge R900 server, Dell's latest quad-core rack system, is designed to help organizations better deal with data center complexity.

  • Desktop Authority MSI Studio 3.5

    Desktop Authority MSI Studio from ScriptLogic is a comprehensive toolset designed to reduce costs and simplify application deployment, creation and modification.

  • Debugging Userenv issues using Windows new event viewer

    The event viewer will be a powerful debugging tool in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.

  • Integrity Superdome Server

    Hewlett-Packard's Integrity Superdome was created with an eye on virtualization for enterprise consolidation and scalability.

  • NTRconnect Pro

    NTRconnect Pro from NTRglobal is a powerful solution providing secure, remote access to desktop PCs and Macs.

  • OnDemand Desktop 2.0

    Synchron's OnDemand Desktop 2.0 is a workspace virtualization management suite with tools for centralizing the desktop.

  • System x Enterprise Servers

    The System x server line from IBM is designed to deliver an industry-standard enterprise server platform at an affordable price.

  • NTRadmin

    NTRglobal's NTRadmin is a remote systems administration tool designed for managing simple and complex networks and streamlining IT processes.