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December 2009

  • Windows 7

    Windows 7 is the official name for the successor to the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. (Continued)

  • Virtual server resiliency tips for high availability

    Virtual servers are far more susceptible to availability issues than traditional ones. Learn to keep your servers resilient with these considerations and best practices.

  • Web server security practices for Windows environments

    Web server security is critical to overall network protection. Learn how to harden a Web server and test the security of your deployment.

  • Holiday promos for IT pros include freebies and price cuts

    No flat screen TVs or iPhones, but IT pros might want to check out holiday contests, plus software, hardware and hosting deals.

  • Top 10 SharePoint tips of 2009

    Before ringing in the New Year, take a look back at the top-rated SharePoint tips from 2009.

  • Windows PowerShell for beginners

    Ready to get started with Windows PowerShell? This collection of screencasts, book excerpts and tutorials lays the groundwork for those who are looking to get the most out of Microsoft's scripting ...

  • IT pros pick their favorite books

    IT pros offer book recommendations ranging from mainstream to super geeky.

  • Top 10 Windows Server tips of 2009

    Check out our best server management tips of the past year. Find advice on troubleshooting server crashes, Windows 2008 R2 features, the best PowerShell commands and more.

  • Taking the time out of backups with DPM 2007

    Dealing with backups is another time-consuming task for admins – especially in large organizations. Learn how a properly configured DPM server can help speed up the process.

  • Get the low-down on Windows Server 2008 R2

    Hyper-V's live migration and improvements to Active Directory make Windows Server 2008 R2 an attractive upgrade over Windows Server 2008. This Windows Digest includes news, tips and advice that IT ...

  • Five Windows Server books to look for in 2010

    Brush up on your skills or gain some new ones in the New Year. Here are five books -- scheduled to be released in 2010 -- that will explore the intricate world of Microsoft Windows Server.

  • Fixing lingering object problems in complex Active Directory forests

    Lingering objects can provide an inconsistent view of the Active Directory and confuse administrators. Learn how to find and remove them in complex forests.

  • The Windows Report -- Looking ahead to 2010

    A quick recap of the year that was, with a look ahead to 2010. IT author and consultant Jonathan Hassell calls in to discuss what will be the big Windows topics next year.

  • Remoting tops Windows PowerShell 2.0 features

    Of all the improvements made to PowerShell 2.0, the new remote management capabilities are expected to be the biggest hit among admins.

  • Sell your CIO on helpful technologies

    Want to get on your CIO's good side this holiday season? Here are some suggested smart technologies that might help your enterprise cut costs and help you score points with the boss.

  • Are your IT administrators trustworthy?

    In your enterprise, administrators keep an eye on your systems. But who, if anyone, watches the administrators?

  • How Windows servers get hacked

    Server hacking usually isn't as complex as it sounds. Knowing how easily an attacker can hack into your system can provide you with the tools to protect your servers ahead of time.

  • MinWin

    MinWin is the lowest level of the Windows operating system. It runs the kernel, the TCP/IP stack and basic system services; it is self-contained and has no understanding of, or dependence upon, the...

  • Improved storage handling with Microsoft Hyper-V R2

    Storage improvements in Hyper-V R2, including the elimination of clustering limitations and the addition of dynamic storage, may increase the hypervisor's popularity.

  • Microsoft Services arm offers help with Win 7, Exchange 2010

    If you are installing new desktops or upgrading to a new version of Exchange and would like some help, these services from Microsoft are one option.