February 2009

  • Keeping Windows shops in compliance with data protection laws

    While using production data for testing and development purposes is discouraged, at times it is necessary. Learn the actions Windows managers can take to ensure that their shops comply with data pr...

  • Scripting domain controller installations: A must for Server Core

    DC installation scripts have always been around, but only now are admins likely to use them. Learn how to install a DC from the command line in Windows Server 2008.

  • Using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit with Hyper-V

    This screencast explains how to use the MAP Toolkit, a free Microsoft download that can ease the configuration of Windows virtual environments.

  • ManageFusion 2009

    ManageFusion 2009

  • Group Policy Object modeling simplifies network security

    Group Policy modeling is a great security tool for troubleshooting Group Policy settings and testing GPOs before they are applied with Windows Server 2008.

  • How sticking to the basics can help enhance your IT career

    In this economy, it's not uncommon to look for ways to stay ahead of the IT curve. And while it may be tempting to adopt new techniques that promise employment stability, sometimes going back to ba...

  • Server Message Block 2.0: A new protocol for the millennium

    Microsoft's Server Message Block was certainly due for an upgrade with Windows Server 2008. Learn how the new protocol can benefit your Windows network.

  • Implementing change management in the Windows server environment

    Creating a baseline server configuration and documenting all updates thereafter are two techniques admins can use to implement change management in their Windows server environment. Learn the steps...

  • Partition Manager 3.0 Server Edition

    Partition Manager 3.0 from EASEUS is a hard disk partition management tool for Windows server operating systems.

  • Server Management 2008 R2

    Server Management (vSM) 2008 R2 from Visionapp is a server build management and automation solution designed for the building, maintaining and automating of server images.

  • Search and Recover 5

    Iolo's Search and Recover 5 is a data restore tool designed for the recovery of accidentally deleted data – even years after it has been lost.

  • Zenoss Enterprise 2.3

    Zenoss Enterprise is an open source-based IT management solution designed to manage the configuration, health and performance of your enterprise infrastructure – including network devices, sy...

  • PowerShellPlus Professional

    PowerShellPlus from Idera is an interactive scripting environment designed to help administrators and developers learn and master Windows PowerShell.

  • PerfectDisk 2008 Server

    PerfectDisk 2008 from Raxco Software Inc. is a comprehensive solution for fast and thorough business-wide disk defragmentation.

  • Working with VHDs in Hyper-V

    This screencast breaks down the different virtual hard disk (VHD) drive types supported by Microsoft Hyper-V, and explains how to create them.

  • Four steps to creating practical SharePoint governance standards

    Many of the qualities that make SharePoint accessible can also cause problems for those responsible for governance. To keep their SharePoint environment under control, IT managers should create Sha...

  • KnowledgeLake Imaging Server 2008

    Learn how Imaging Server 2008 helps transform SharePoint into a production imaging system capable of meeting high-volume needs.

  • Enterprise Informatics Inc.'s eB for SharePoint

    Learn how eB for SharePoint helps CIO's define, enforce and prove that governance policies are being followed and sensitive documents and content are secure, controlled and can be trusted

  • KnowledgeLake Connect 2008

    Learn how KnowledgeLake Connect 2008 increases the usability of SharePoint through features like Send To integration and single login across pre-defined sites

  • The bottom line on Microsoft Hyper-V

    Will Hyper-V really change the virtualization game? Check out this overview of Hyper-V features, licensing considerations and deployment strategies.