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An introduction to SharePoint 2013

We've compiled the best expert advice on licensing, Exchange site mailboxes and Exchange integration to give you the best introduction to SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint 2013 is the latest iteration of the collaboration platform tool, and it comes revamped with new features that add social media capabilities while easing the overall user experience.

Microsoft pushed for easier integration with Exchange 2013 in its release of SharePoint 2013. The eDiscovery Center makes it easier to perform e-discovery, which is a must in today's legal climate that calls for simple data location and retrieval.

Another feature that eases integration with Exchange 2013 is the site mailbox. Site mailboxes let users have access to SharePoint documents and Exchange email with Outlook 2013.

The other major change that comes with SharePoint 2013 is in licensing. Although Microsoft left the basic licensing model alone, the company did away with license requirements for external users, as well as the FAST search feature. In turn, Microsoft created a new search feature and new requirements that can save organizations money.

We've compiled the best information from our Windows IT, Exchange and content management experts to bring you a complete introduction to SharePoint 2013. Included are expert looks at site mailbox capabilities, the SharePoint 2013 integration with Exchange, what licensing changes mean for organizations and a glossary of terms related to SharePoint 2013.

Site mailboxes

1. Using site mailboxes with SharePoint 2013

After the SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013 release, a new feature started to get major attention. Site mailboxes, which facilitate collaboration between SharePoint and Exchange, combine shared mailbox messaging features with SharePoint 2013 document storage capabilities. These five tips give admins the best information on how to make the most of what site mailboxes offer.


2. Licensing changes in SharePoint 2013

Microsoft made some changes to its licensing for the release of SharePoint 2013. The company left its basic licensing model alone, but the new requirements can save customers a lot of money if they make the right choice for their organization. These tips take a closer look at these licensing changes and the effects that saving money can have in other aspects of using SharePoint.

Integration with Exchange

3. SharePoint 2013 integration with Exchange

One of the best changes in SharePoint 2013 is that it allows for better integration with Exchange. Features such as Exchange 2013 site mailboxes and the eDiscovery Center help with SharePoint 2013 integration. These tips go into detail about the best ways to use these features, and offer detailed instructions for getting the most out of integrating with Exchange.