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KnowledgeLake Branch Capture Server 2008

KnowledgeLake Branch Capture Server 2008 is a secure, reliable and cost-effective product for remote users to use for saving documents to SharePoint.

KnowledgeLake Branch Capture Server, from KnowledgeLake Inc., has content aggregation, scheduling and throttling services that let users save documents to a centralized KnowledgeLake Capture Server.

Users can use a "caching" mechanism to capture documents at full scanner speed in remote locations; schedule the time of day that branch offices release scanned documents to a centralized SharePoint server; define a maximum bandwidth allocation; and create an audit trail for documents.

 Branch Capture Server
Figure 1: Branch Capture Server (Click on image for enlarged view)

Additional Branch Capture Server features include:

  • Integration with KnowledgeLake Connect, KnowledgeLake Capture and KnowledgeLake Capture Server.
  • Batch capture at remote offices that can be transferred to a central KnowledgeLake Capture Server via the WAN.
  • Configuration of batch import jobs to support multi-function devices.

  • Accepting batches from KnowledgeLake Connect, KnowledgeLake Capture and batch import before submitting them to Capture Server for file format conversion, release to SharePoint and other processing.

System requirements: MOSS 2007, SPS 2003

Pricing: $495 per processor socket.

02 Feb 2009