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KnowledgeLake Imaging Server 2008

KnowledgeLake Imaging Server 2008 is extensible server software that helps transform SharePoint into a production imaging system capable of meeting high-volume needs.

KnowledgeLake Imaging Server 2008 eliminates the costs and challenges of using paper documents as well as the limitations of paper-based systems on business processes. Built on Microsoft SharePoint, it provides features that extend SharePoint's enterprise content management capabilities throughout your organization.

Figure 1: KnowledgeLake Imaging Server 2008

Imaging Server 2008 also enables administrators to do the following:

  • Provide information workers with access to preconfigured or flexible search scenarios.
  • View, annotate and index images from a Web browser.
  • Easily scan batches of documents.
  • Centralize the configuration of indexing, database validation and lookups for use across the entire KnowledgeLake product family.
  • Receive and send SharePoint documents with associated index values from a document library.

System requirements: MOSS 2007, SPS 2003.

Pricing: $24,995 per SharePoint Web front-end server (MOSS); $12,995 for Windows SharePoint Services; $40 for a named user and $120 for a concurrent user.

03 Feb 2009