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Microsoft Windows IT management tools

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True Image Echo Server for Windows

Acronis Inc.'s True Image Echo Server for Windows helps provide comprehensive system protection and recovery of Windows servers.

Acronis True Image Echo Server for Windows allows IT administrators to create an exact Windows server disk image, including the operating system, databases and applications. Migrate your systems between any virtual and physical servers quickly and easily to perform an entire server restore in just minutes.

Also, with this product, admins can perform a complete system restoration to an existing system, to a new system with different hardware and to a virtual server.

True Image Echo Server for Windows also features:

  • Backup image encryption with AES 128-/192-/256-bit encryption technology.
  • Improved scheduling and notifications. Includes event-driven backups, periodic backup validations and schedule cloning.
  • A hidden partition that allows the IT manager to keep a local image of the system. If a partial restore or any other restore is needed, except for physical drive failure, an admin can restore systems quickly.

System requirements: Windows Vista, x32 and x64 editions, Windows XP, Windows XP Professional, x32 and x64 editions, Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, Windows Storage Server, Windows Embedded POS Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Supported file systems: FAT 16/32, NTFS, JFS, XFS, Linux Ext2/Ext3, ReiserFS, Linux Swap.

Pricing: $699 per physical server. Acronis Universal Restore for the Windows server product is $299.

19 Jan 2009