An overview of Windows Server 2012 Server Core

An overview of Windows Server 2012 Server Core

Server Core hasn't always been the easiest option to work with, but Windows Server 2012 is trying to change that. We gathered the best tips on how to make Windows Server 2012 Server Core work for you.

After Microsoft said Server Core was becoming the default installation option in Windows Server 2012, we were pretty sure we heard the collective angry gasp from admins everywhere.

But Windows Server 2012 was designed with Server Core functionality in mind, so Server Core might not be as scary as admins think. In fact, it's actually possible for admins to have an easier time using Windows Server 2012 Server Core in their server infrastructure.

Here are the best tips about how admins can make Server Core work for them in Windows Server 2012, including how to decide if running Server Core is the best choice for an organization and how to have an easy Server Core installation.

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Table of contents:

What is Server Core?

Server Core is a bare-bones installation option that was first offered in Windows Server 2008. It gives admins another option for managing a server environment, but it does have drawbacks. It can provide less functionality than other installation options, so it's important that admins consider all of the pros and cons to make sure Server Core is the right choice for their organization.

Why Microsoft decided to kill off the Windows Server GUI

Our expert looks at the reasons Microsoft got rid of the graphical user interface (GUI) in Windows Server 2012, while suggesting ways admins can still push toward 99.999% availability and use GUI in a PowerShell-based environment.

Server Core overtakes GUI in Windows Server 2012

One of the most noticeable changes in Windows Server 2012 was the user interface (UI). With Microsoft pushing PowerShell to be the new primary tool for server management, Windows Server 2012 Server Core became the new default installation choice.

Things to consider about running Windows Server 2012 Server Core

There are good reasons for admins to both install and not install Server Core in Windows Server 2012. We had one of our experts offer a detailed perspective of what admins should know about the pros and cons of making the switch to Server Core.

Perform a simple Server Core installation in Windows Server 2012

Server Core has a tendency to intimidate admins, but fear not -- this tip provides step-by-step suggestions admins can use to make the Server Core installation as painless as possible and have a successful installation.