Special Report: application delivery in a 24-7 world

Special Report: App delivery in a 24/7 world

The widespread adoption of cloud computing and virtualization has put application delivery on everyone's front burner. This Special Report offers data center pros the lowdown on the latest trends.

Application delivery has always been important to data center pros, but in recent years it has received more of their attention. A lot of this has to do with growing interest in cloud computing and widespread adoption of virtualization, which presents more efficient and economical ways to deliver applications.

While these technologies have made life easier for many IT shops, they also pose challenges. For instance, as IT managers move more applications with mission-critical data to the cloud, we have seen increases in the number of internal and external security breaches. And an increase in the number of virtual technologies also magnifies the problem of finding systems to smoothly manage across both virtual and physical environments. The rapid growth of the mobile workforce, armed with increasingly powerful tablets and smart phones, only complicates these concerns.

We have covered these trends as separate stories across several of TechTarget's data center websites. But by tying them together in this Special Report it might lend new perspective as it lays out the wide range of problems and shows how multiple solutions may be interconnected. Each data center is an ongoing experiment in which administrators search for the combination of delivery vehicles to best fit its needs.

We hope that the stories collected below – which take a close look at Microsoft’s Server App-V, VMware’s acquisition strategy and things to consider in choosing the right server hardware – will help IT pros develop an application delivery strategy that works best for each enterprise.

Table of contents:

Finding the value in server application virtualization
Products that can abstract applications from server operating systems have emerged in the server virtualization market, but admins are taking a wait-and-see approach. (SearchServerVirtualization.com)


The server side of application virtualization
Hardware choices affect the application delivery performance of virtualization. It’s hard work to achieve a balance between resources and reliability. (SearchDataCenter.com)


VMware application acquisitions puzzle IT pros
If costs go down, enterprises could eventually adopt and use the recent VMware acquisitions of Zimbra, SlideRocket and Socialcast. For now, some experts are scratching their heads. (SearchVMware.com)


When is server hardware too old?
Modern servers are allowing data centers to handle more jobs and last longer, easing spending for many enterprises on IT. (SearchDataCenter.com)


Cloud shakes up application delivery in the enterprise
Getting applications to users is an IT department's main job. But the public, private and hybrid cloud is changing that role. (SearchCloudComputing.com)


App delivery controllers help IT pros tap cloud reserve capacity
Application delivery controllers can maintain resources in the cloud. This “cloud bursting” approach is not without potential issues. (SearchCloudComputing.com)


VARs must address the end-user application revolution
VARs help businesses get a handle on application downloads. But this is a business problem as well as a technological problem. (SearchITChannel.com)


Hosted application stores help IT pros wrangle cloud apps
New application delivery platforms aggregate SaaS apps and give IT a way to control how end users access cloud-based apps. Here are three to consider. (SearchVirtualDesktop.com)