Microsoft debuts Windows 8 client, server

Microsoft debuts Windows 8 client, server

The future of Windows is on display at Microsoft’s BUILD conference this week, as the company gives developers a first look at the next generation Windows 8 client and server operating system software platform.

Windows 8 Microsoft's next-generation client and server OS will have a wide range of features for the enterprise. The company has held details about its future OS strategy very close but IT managers expect big changes to the ubiquitous platform.

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Table of contents:

Day two coverage: Windows 8 server

Developments in the Azure and Windows Server 8 pairing
Microsoft made the Windows Server 8 and Azure connection clearer, raising hopes for easier development in the cloud.

Microsoft sharpens Windows Server 8, Azure cloud story
Microsoft gave enterprises a glimpse of how future applications and enterprise platforms will be brought together with Windows Server 8 and Azure.

Hyper-V 3.0 sneak peek intrigues users
A new extensible virtual switch and advanced live migration features have virtualization pros eyeing Hyper-V 3.0.

Microsoft showcases Windows Server 8 with new sense of purpose
Can Windows Server 8 bring Microsoft into the cloud era? With development of the new OS underway, the company aims to transform the way IT shops deliver enterprise apps.

Day one coverage: Windows 8 client

Microsoft pre-release Windows 8 now open to scrutiny
Many IT shops are just installing Windows 7, but like it or not, it's time to start talking about Windows 8. This OS lets many apps work across a wide range of end user devices.

Pre-show coverage

Windows Server 8 should be full of surprises
With the conference yet to get underway, Microsoft has been tight-lipped about what the latest Windows Server software will include.

Microsoft’s BUILD agenda remains under wraps — but here’s a guess
Despite a few minor leaks and its own Building Windows blog, Microsoft has kept much of the BUILD conference a secret. However, there are a few hints.