Start here: a guide to Active Directory

Start here: a guide to Active Directory

Active Directory is an important facet of enterprise management that admins need to get right. Security threats loom, and poor planning can cause trouble and, ultimately, cost money if not implemented properly.

This series of guides will help explain many of the numerous features in Active Directory. Jump in anywhere: feel confident about knowing the AD basics? Skip down to replication or security.

Can't get enough? Find recent tips and features on the Active Directory topic page.

Table of contents:

Active Directory tutorial

Not really sure what Active Directory is or how to approach it? Don't worry: we've got useful background information about AD in this handy tutorial.

Active Directory replication

What is multi-master replication, topology structure and design? Find out in this helpful guide to Active Directory Replication.

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Active directory security

It's best to be prepared for Active Directory security breaches and making sure patches are all up to date. Find out the details about Active Directory security in this tutorial.

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Active Directory Planning and Design

There's a lot that goes into Active Directory planning and design, from designing organizational units to setting up domains. This tutorial will get you up to speed.

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Group Policy tutorial

Get a handle on Group Policy and how it helps you to easily manage enterprise members and secure an environment in this useful tutorial.

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Active Directory changes Guide

So what, exactly, has changed over the years in Active Directory? Find out about the incremental and substantial updates to the directory service in this Active Directory changes guide.