• May 29, 2013 29 May'13

    Microsoft expected to extend its Windows Server Cloud OS strategy

    Microsoft is about to detail the future of its server, desktop and Cloud OS platforms. What does that mean for Windows Server 2012?

  • May 23, 2013 23 May'13

    Microsoft releases update for migration assessment tool, MAP 8.5 Beta

    Earlier today, Microsoft released an update to its IT security assessment tool, Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 8.5 Beta. The MAP Toolkit -- which is used to securely evaluate IT ...

  • May 14, 2013 14 May'13

    Microsoft delivers patch updates for Windows Server 2012, Windows 8

    Microsoft delivered two critical and eight important bulletins in May's Patch Tuesday release, fixing issues in Windows Server 2012 and Office apps.

  • May 09, 2013 09 May'13

    May Patch Tuesday includes critical fixes for Windows, IE

    Microsoft released its advance notification for this month's Patch Tuesday, and admins can expect multiple patches for their systems. There are ten bulletins in the advance notification for May. ...

  • May 01, 2013 01 May'13

    April in review: the top Windows Server tips and news

    For our monthly feature, we compile the most popular content from the previous month and share it with you. In April, our readers were interested in a new Hyper-V tool, what's coming in future ...

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    • Scale-Out Storage Simplifies Planning

      “Never run out of disk space” became the storage administrator’s prime directive because of the big difference between storage and the rest of an organization’s IT infrastructure. When the network guys slightly underestimate the bandwidth they’ll need to provide, the network gets congested and applications slow down. Similarly, if the server crew ends up running a few too many VMs on too few hosts, the VMs run slower. See More

    • Virtual Server Performance – Why Solid-State Storage Isn’t Enough

      When a host server fails to deliver a sufficient level of IOPS, the solution is often to invest in solid-state storage. As many organizations have discovered, however, solid-state storage is a costly solution that may only temporarily correct the problem. Like any other storage technology, there is a limit to the number of IOPS that solid-state storage can deliver, and it is often only a matter of time before this limit is reached and the performance problems return. See More

    • Empowering the Data-Driven Enterprise

      The key to a data-driven enterprise is to have access to all the relevant data across the entire organization. This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Legacy data warehousing and point analytics tools may not be capable of managing the vast and ever-growing mountains of data collected by a modern business. See More

    • Why HC Lets You Rest Easy with Better Resiliency and Data Protection

      The true value of data protection is in making systems available after a failure. Data protection starts with surviving failure of server hardware components, then extends to recovering damage to a VM and further to recovering from the loss of a whole data center. A data protection strategy should address multiple levels of failure. It should offer the business certainty of the time to recover from each level and certainty of the potential data loss for each failure. SimpliVity has built data protection into their product from the lowest level. See More

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  • April 17, 2013 17 Apr'13

    IT shops seeking IaaS consider Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

    IT shops in the midst of determining their cloud strategies see Microsoft’s Windows Azure Infrastructure Services as a viable IaaS alternative to AWS.

  • April 12, 2013 12 Apr'13

    Microsoft recalls security update from April Patch Tuesday

    Just a few days after releasing it, Microsoft recalled one of the security updates in this month's Patch Tuesday after discovering it was causing problems. Microsoft released an update for MS13-036 ...

  • April 09, 2013 09 Apr'13

    Critical RDP, Internet Explorer fixes included in Patch Tuesday update

    April's Patch Tuesday update fixes 13 vulnerabilities in IE, Remote Desktop Protocol, SharePoint 2013, Active Directory and Windows Defender.

  • April 09, 2013 09 Apr'13

    LANDesk buys key Windows Server management tools from VMware

    LANDesk said it bought Shavlik Technologies, which, with its suite of Microsoft patch management software, became a division of VMware in May of 2011. LANDesk said it would rebrand four products ...

  • April 08, 2013 08 Apr'13

    Microsoft advances Azure management, software-defined networking plans

    Windows Azure and software-defined networking were main points of conversation at Microsoft Management Summit 2013.

  • April 08, 2013 08 Apr'13

    Day one buzz from MMS 2013

    Today at Microsoft Management Summit 2013's first day, conference-goers heard a lot of talk about software-defined networking and enhancements to the company's Azure strategy. Read more about it ...

  • April 04, 2013 04 Apr'13

    Critical fixes coming for IE, Windows in April Patch Tuesday

    This month's Patch Tuesday will bring critical and important fixes for multiple programs. In the advance notification for April, Microsoft calls out nine bulletins. Two are marked as critical and ...

  • April 03, 2013 03 Apr'13

    Configuration Manager 2012 Upgrade Assessment Tool released

    Windows XP's support life shuffles off into the sunset next year and Microsoft wants to ease that transition as much as possible. The company released the Upgrade Assessment Tool (UAT) for System ...

  • April 02, 2013 02 Apr'13

    Microsoft releases hotfix for AMD servers running RemoteFX

    IT shops running Windows Server 2012's RemoteFX feature on AMD-based servers have a new update to download and apply. Users running RemoteFX  -- the protocol used in Remote Desktop instances -- in ...

  • April 01, 2013 01 Apr'13

    March in review: the top Windows Server tips and news

    For our monthly feature, we round up the most popular content from the previous month and share it with you. In March, our readers were interested in the latest batch of Patch Tuesday fixes, ...