• June 22, 2010 22 Jun'10

    Free Windows performance monitoring tools not to be missed

    Unbeknownst to some admins, the latest versions of Windows Server include new or updated tools that can minimize the need for third-party options.

  • June 16, 2010 16 Jun'10

    SharePoint is a hit for Microsoft but still clunky for IT

    SharePoint is Microsoft's fastest growing server software, but IT managers still grouse about its lack of acceptance and the difficulties in supporting this increasingly common collaboration platform.

  • June 11, 2010 11 Jun'10

    Windows 7 and 2008 R2 service packs go beyond virtualization

    While dynamic memory features have received most of the press, the first service pack for Windows 2008 R2 will also include improvements to DirectAccess and Active Directory.

  • June 07, 2010 07 Jun'10

    Microsoft offers Windows, Exchange SP1 betas

    At TechEd 2010, Microsoft executives breezed through service pack news in an effort to assuage IT managers' concerns about the company's shift to cloud computing.

  • June 04, 2010 04 Jun'10

    What is Windows Server AppFabric?

    There are two versions of AppFabric – one for cloud applications and another for in-house apps. Here's what they can do for you.

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  • June 04, 2010 04 Jun'10

    Should Windows shops give in to cloud-based backups?

    While the technology exists to put your primary backups in the hands of another, it may not be the most reliable option in every situation.

  • June 02, 2010 02 Jun'10

    IT shops look for Hyper-V feature boost with SP1 beta

    IT managers hope to get service pack info on Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V and Exchange Server next week.

  • May 21, 2010 21 May'10

    What's driving investments in Windows servers?

    Studies have noted an uptick in x86 hardware purchases of late, the reasons for which align well with Microsoft's most recent OS and virtualization releases.

  • May 20, 2010 20 May'10

    The IT salary market and how to increase your value

    While compensation for IT pros is slightly down, there are ways to separate yourself from the pack and increase your value.

  • May 11, 2010 11 May'10

    What's next for Windows Server and beyond?

    While details on the next release of Windows Server have already started to trickle out, it could be the last traditional server OS from Microsoft before the cloud takes over.

  • May 10, 2010 10 May'10

    Best practices for SAN configuration and administration

    Storage headaches tend to get worse over time, but following the proper configuration and management steps can be the perfect remedy for your SAN-related woes.

  • May 07, 2010 07 May'10

    AD Federation Services 2.0 drops with added cloud support

    The updated version of Microsoft's claims-based identity software has single sign-on capabilities for apps both on-premise and in the cloud.

  • May 05, 2010 05 May'10

    New SharePoint 2010 adds features for admins

    The Central Administration has been boiled down so it's easier to navigate. IT managers will see the familiar ribbon found throughout the Office 2010 product line.

  • April 22, 2010 22 Apr'10

    Microsoft shows maturing IT management vision

    Microsoft fleshed out its Systems Center roadmap and released some new tools this week, including the long awaited Service Manager.

  • April 20, 2010 20 Apr'10

    Microsoft pushes cloud computing on reluctant IT pros

    Microsoft dropped its cloud computing plans on a really tough audience - the systems management administrators gathered at MMS this week.