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10 tips in 10 minutes: Configuring Windows 2000 Server Installations

Get a glimpse inside "Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administrator's Companion, Second Edition," with these 10 tips to help you configure Windows 2000 Server installations and get your system in basic working order.

Get a glimpse inside Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administrator's Companion, Second Edition, with this collection...

of 10 tips excerpted from Chapter 6, "Configuring New Windows 2000 Server Installations." This chapter is packed full of practical information to help IT professionals plan the installation, deployment and maintenance of Windows 2000 Server.

The main focus of Chapter 6 is on how you can get your system in basic working order. After installing Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, it's important to check for installation errors or problems. Also, add (and possibly troubleshoot) any other devices, review the server's network settings and use the Configure Your Server Wizard to set up the server for its desired network role, such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server or Active Directory service domain controller. Now is also the time to partition and format any additional disk drives and tune the server's performance and memory options to best suit its desired role. You should also implement the appropriate security measures for the server's desired role. Read the following 10 tips to get started!

10 tips in 10 minutes: Configuring Windows 2000 Server

  Tip 1: Checking for setup problems
  Tip 2: Configuring devices
  Tip 3: Using Device Manager
  Tip 4: Troubleshooting devices
  Tip 5: Configuring Networking Settings
  Tip 6: Using the Windows 2000 Configure Your Server Tool
  Tip 7: Configuring the first server on your network
  Tip 8: Performance and memory tuning
  Tip 9: Updating Windows
  Tip 10: Securing Windows


This chapter excerpt from Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Administrator's Companion, Second Edition by Charlie Russel, Sharon Crawford and Jason Gerend is printed with permission from Microsoft Press, Copyright 2002. Click here for the chapter download or to purchase the book.

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