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Know-IT-All admin challenge, the sequel

We here at don't want you to sit back on your laurels. That's why every ten weeks we combine all of our most recent Administrator Know-IT-All Quizzes into the KIA Challenge! Pop some corn and turn off your cell phone -- it's time for the sequel. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we'll begin...

We don't want you to lose your edge, get rusty or stagnate. Remember what they say -- a rolling stone gathers no...

moss. That's why every ten weeks we combine all of our most recent Administrator Know-IT-All Quizzes into the notorious KIA Challenge! Let us help you stay sharp and on your toes.

But the Challenge isn't the only means by which you can kick-start your synapses. Read and rate out user submitted tips or even submit your own for a crack at our monthly prize. Take quizzes 11 through 20, sign up for the admin newsletter and submit your own questions to Mr. Know-IT-All today!

So start your engines, folks. Let's see what you're made of as you tear through Mr. Know-IT-All's most recent admin offerings:

  • KIA Quiz #11: A peculiar privilege -- Protected Storage information in the registry can become corrupt. This results in some peculiar behaviors that seem to have no obvious cause, such as...

  • KIA Quiz #12: TWAIN and suffering -- What does the acronym TWAIN, a familiar interface for all kinds of SCSI imaging devices, stand for?

  • KIA Quiz #13: Par for the course -- A boot-time device driver that doesn't load correctly will cause Windows 2000 to bluescreen with an error. The best way to remedy this is...

  • KIA Quiz #14: A questionable background -- Many administrators are familiar with the option in Windows 2000 to give equal processing time or priority to foreground and/or background processes. The best way to provide additional levels of granularity and flexibility to foreground and background processes is to...

  • KIA Quiz #15: Corrupted by cache -- Users of Internet Explorer sometimes report a problem that at first appears to be a DNS issue, or a network problem in general, but is in fact due to a corrupt cache-management file in Internet Explorer. To fix this you must...

  • KIA Quiz #16: Bucking the system -- Windows 2000 contains a system component, the Windows Installer, which is billed as an "application installation and management service." Under certain combinations of circumstances, however, it is possible to damage the installer. The easiest way to repair it is to...

  • KIA Quiz #17: Event 1010: A license server odyssey -- The Terminal Services Licensing discovery process attempts to find a licensing server by using RPCs to all domain controllers in the same domain. If the Licensing discovery fails, an error is logged. To force a particular license server for Terminal Services you must...

  • KIA Quiz #18: None shall pass -- At times, domain users will try to connect to a Windows 2000 server that is a member of the same domain, only to be asked for their credentials (user IDs/passwords) before they can access the server. This is most likely due to...

  • KIA Quiz #19: Shortcut to anywhere -- Despite Win2k's graphical shell, there are many administrators who are more comfortable with a command line. They would rather bang a few keys to get their favorite programs to come up, rather than navigate through a nest of menus and submenus. The easiest way to accomplish this is to...

  • KIA Quiz #20: Share and share alike -- Sometimes an admin or user will delete a folder that has an active file share on it and ignore the warning that Windows provides when this is done. Not only does this log an error, but under some conditions the share itself isn't removed, and will continue to throw an error whenever the system is restarted. The easiest way to keep this from happening is to...
Was this one of those rare cases where the sequel was better than the original? If you're a fan of Superman II, Aliens, or The Empire Strikes Back, you might want to consider sending me your own suggestions for future Admin Know-IT-All Quizzes -- before I make you watch Son of the Pink Panther.

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