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  • New Exchange Server freebie utilities available now

    Microsoft added to its cache of tools for Exchange Server administrators. This time, disaster recovery and performance analysis join the ever popular Best Practice Analyzer. 

  • System Restore

    System Restore is a Windows utility that allows a user to restore their computer data to a specific former state (known as a restore point), undoing changes made since that time. 

  • The end of the road for Exchange Server 5.5

    It's curtains for one of Microsoft's most used enterprise products -- Exchange Server 5.5. But IT administrators have plenty of breathing room with Exchange 2000 Server. 

  • Delay in database mirroring isn't changing many IT plans

    Although database mirroring was one of the features touted as making SQL Server 2005 suitable for large enterprises, Microsoft's decision not to support it in the November release is not having much impact on potential users. 

  • New Sun Galaxy servers poised for impact in the Windows enterprise market

    With a new line of x86 boxes, will the Windows faithful now take a second look at what Sun has to offer? 

  • E-mail archiving: Hot or not?

    Compliance issues have increased the requirements for e-mail retention. But budgetary constraints and other time-sensitive projects keep e-mail archiving on the back burner for many corporations. 

  • Wintel allegiance no longer ironclad

    More Windows shops are changing their old ways and switching from Intel to Opteron. A recent study reveals a waning Wintel alliance, even as the quest for chip dominance continues. 

  • gold code

    In software development, gold code is the final, ready-to-manufacture (that is, replicate onto media) version of the software. 

  • taskbar

    In the graphical user interface (GUI) for a computer operating system or application, a taskbar is a visual device on the desktop that typically shows the user which applications (tasks) are currently active and running. 

  • extended desktop

    Extended desktop is a feature in a computer that allows a user to extend viewing capabilities by using two or more monitors at the same time.