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  • Troubleshooting triggers in SQL Server

    A trigger is code that is executed when there is a specific data change in a table and is particularly important when you want to enforce your business logic. 

  • No bling in store for Microsoft Exchange

    E12. The working name for the next version of Exchange Server says it all. Microsoft this week described an update to its messaging server software that is functional, not flashy. 

  • Tools spring up to harness Group Policy's potential

    From software that eliminates login scripts to tools for software deployment, third-party products are emerging to help enterprises get more out of a key component of Microsoft's Active Directory. 

  • 11 utilities take command

    Just in time for the holidays: a treasure trove of unique command-line tools for Windows NT/2000. 

  • Microsoft feels the wrath of Big Red

    IBM may have finally found a way to get back at Microsoft for pulling out of OS/2 -- and to make Big Blue feel better about its monumental mistake of ceding the operating system market to Redmond in the 1980s. Call it the revenge of Big Red. 

  • Advantages of SQLXML 3.0 Service Pack 3 for SQL Server

    SQLXML 3.0 SP3 allows SQL Server to work transparently with XML data. This tip explains how this add-on works and describes five features to help you handle XML in SQL Server. 

  • Bounty of free IT tools available

    Microsoft and Sysinternals are just two of the many providers of useful freeware for IT administrators. 

  • Antivirus industry needs to get its act together

    As many are aware, there was an outbreak of not just one, but three globally spreading variants of the Bagle worm last month. That was followed by a couple of new Mydoom spin-offs last week. 

  • VLSM, CIDR routing by RIP


  • Juice maker squeezes out IT infrastructure savings

    For nearly 150 years, the grape growers at Welch's have been leaders in the manufacturing of juice and jelly. What may be less known is that the Concord, Mass.-based company, whose formal corporate name is Welch Foods Inc., is also pioneering the ado...