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  • Vista pricing goes public

    Prices are posted for Microsoft Windows Vista courtesy of Amazon.com. But users will likely pay more after they factor in hardware and other software. 

  • Microsoft tweaks legacy software support program

    Microsoft has restructured its custom support program for those who choose to patch products forever. 

  • Blades, Windows rank as practical choices in IT shops

    A TIP study shows that IT managers are practical when it comes to using blades and picking server operating systems. 

  • The disadvantages of outsourcing your IT environment

    While outsourcing can certainly prove to be a benefit to managing your Windows network, it is not without its disadvantages. Expert Mark Arnold breaks down some of the downsides of outsourcing that every manager should be aware of. 

  • Microsoft and Citrix woo IT with branch combo

    IT managers in branch offices and midsized companies are getting lots of love from Microsoft in the form of integrated packages. This time the company is teaming up with Citrix to develop a branch appliance. 

  • The benefits of outsourcing your IT services

    Hiring an outsourcer to take over some of your IT operations is a concern for many managers, but expert Mark Arnold says while it might change your daily life, it won't change everything. 

  • Microsoft makes Virtual PC free; changes SA benefit

    Microsoft's Virtual PC is now being offered for free. Software Assurance customers, who once received Virtual PC as a benefit, will now get four free instances of Vista for one virtual machine. 

  • Multi-core processing infiltrates the enterprise

    The days of single-core chips are limited, experts say, as more IT shops move with mixed success to multi-core. 

  • Vista's migration tools promise easy installation

    Microsoft aims for smoother Vista desktop installations with free user migration tools that IT shops once purchased from third-party vendors. 

  • Startup brings telecom self-heal concept to computing

    Large computer vendors, like IBM and Microsoft, all have plans to make their systems more manageable with less intervention. Now, a Canadian startup company is bringing a technique used in self-healing telecommunications networks to the world of syst...