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  • Desktop Linux not yet making a dent in the enterprise

    Although vendors such as Novell and Red Hat are starting to roll out products that help manage open source desktops, there are still some nagging issues that are keeping Linux from making headway with enterprises entrenched on the Windows client. 

  • Microsoft gets physical on processor prices

    With the coming wave of dual-core and multi-core processors from Intel and AMD, Microsoft pledges to charge customers only on a per-physical-processor basis, throwing down a pricing challenge to the likes of IBM and Oracle. 

  • Microsoft CEO leaves Linux out of industry kudos

    Speaking to an audience in open-standards territory, Steve Ballmer challenged Linux on Web services, copyright indemnification, cost and developer unity. 

  • Microsoft lightens Longhorn

    The word from Redmond is that the next client version of the Windows operating system won't feature some previously promised items. 

  • Microsoft reportedly working on licensing revamp

    (First of two parts. Click here to read part two.)

    Negotiating a software license agreement with Microsoft is a complicated process, and not one for the ... 

  • Opinion: Network admins need Microsoft-Cisco unity

    If Microsoft and Cisco Systems' perimeter security offerings don't end up playing well together, network administrators will be forced to jury-rig a solution. And the juxtaposition of "jury-rig" and "network security" is not a good thing. 

  • Best practices for vulnerability management

    Building a strong program based on mitigating known vulnerabilities has been transformed from a security-centric process to an operational necessity for business success. 

  • Fostering customer confidence the Microsoft way

    Steve Ballmer has employed an interesting tactic to improve customer perceptions of Microsoft: He's enlisting the help of the workers whose benefits he's cutting. 

  • Danger lurks in 'shadow' IT

    It flies under the radar of the normal IT operation. It probably has the best of intentions. It can cripple an enterprise in a heartbeat. Welcome to the shadow IT organization. 

  • For Microsoft, image isn't everything (but it helps)

    Customer perceptions about Microsoft on everything from security to customer relations have taken a positive turn over the past year, new research finds.