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  • Ringing in the New Year: 2003 predictions

    It's tempting to roll the dice once in a while. In the world of IT, however, that behavior is ill-advised. As one of your info sources of choice, we're here to offer you some guidance. Don't bet the farm, consult our experts! 

  • Forecast and Review: Ancient Chinese security secrets

    Microsoft Certified Instructor Douglas Paddock pontificates on 9/11, .NET and the networked abacus while discussing what's around the corner for wireless technologies and disaster recovery practices. Yes, we said abacus. 

  • Forecast and Review: Business practices before new technology

    Businesses need to focus on how to use technology to improve the bottom line. Look for information integration and Exchange to take center stage in 2003. 

  • Altiris to update backup and recovery software

    Altiris puts newly-acquired technologies to good use, analyst says. Backup and recovery capabilities set new client recovery product apart. 

  • Japanese supercomputer turns U.S., Big Blue green

    The world's speediest computer cranks out the calculations so quickly, the very name "supercomputer" doesn't do it justice. The Earth Simulator is fast, huge, and it's turned Uncle Sam, as well as Big Blue, green with envy. 

  • Interview: Security guru looks back at Trustworthy Computing

    In the realm of security, 2002 was the year that Microsoft began a serious effort to create a portfolio of Windows and .NET servers that can better withstand unwelcome intrusions. Many of this year's critical vulnerabilities were discovered by David ... 

  • Casino rolls dice in server upgrade

    An Italian casino's gamble on a Stratus fault-tolerant server pays off with easy maintenance and a smooth transition to the Euro. 

  • KIA Quiz #3: DSL, my belle

    KIA Quiz #3: DSL, my belle 

  • Windows clients wary of Linux, one IT pro finds

    Customers are tied to Microsoft products and are "afraid" of Linux, an IT pro says. Despite the advantages of Linux, they won't switch. 

  • IT Pro File: IT beats working in the rain

    Tim Fenner's career took a hairpin turn, from tough physical labor to the comforts of IT.