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  • Kicking the Windows habit: Apache vs. IIS

    IT departments are thinking beyond Windows and looking at alternatives for cost's sake, security's sake, or even variety's sake. SearchWin2000 spotlights some of those alternatives -- today we scout Apache, the IIS antagonist. 

  • Desktop becoming less Windowscentric

    The desktop management market is getting more crowded as more businesses look for easier ways to go from one platform to another. 

  • IT's high seas: Software pirates plunder away

    Even more pirates are prowling IT's high seas, according to the Business Software Alliance. You may have some of the "booty" and not even know it. If you do, and you get caught, get ready to pay the piper. 

  • Users voice instant messaging concerns, part 2

    When IT managers take the necessary steps to block users from connecting to consumer-based IM systems, they are saving themselves from a security nightmare, said IM expert Jeremy Dies. It's a fact of life, he said, that consumer IM technologies, such... 

  • The age of Equarius

    Are you balking at EAI and Web services because you think it'll take too darn long to get up and running? A company called Equarius has a program that may speed the process and spell your fears. 

  • Lotus Sametime saves law firm much time

    David Beckman was sick of having unwilling and unwanted office eavesdroppers. So he went on the prowl for a tool to make communication more instant, efficient ... and quiet! 

  • Breaking up with Windows is hard to do

    Shuttering Windows and switching over -- you know you've thought about it! Doing business with Microsoft has gotten so complicated, more people are thinking about alternatives. But here's a question for you: what alternatives? 

  • Dos & don'ts of success in IT management

    What is the key to your success in IT management? Find out how IT professionals responded to this SearchWindowsManageability survey question. Their answers could hold your key to success. 

  • Windows Decisions: The licensing decision

    You have a decision to make before July 31 -- whether to get with Microsoft's new licensing program. Some of the decision-makers at TechTarget's Windows Decisions conference have already decided what to do. 

  • NetIQ and Altiris execs give the systems management lowdown

    System administrators are hungry for a way to consolidate management tools, and they're going to stay hungry, according to experts from two leading management software firms.