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  • Top 10 ways to take advantage of Web services

    Should you get on the Web services bandwagon? These tips can help you decide when, if and how to make the most of Web services. 

  • Dispelling myths about XP security

    Well-known security author and expert Roberta Bragg answers user questions about XP security in this follow-up to her Feb. 14 webcast "XP Security Issues: Myth and Reality." If you missed the live event, be sure to tune into the

  • IMAP: The road to nowhere?

    Post Office Protocol (POP) may dominate the Exchange and Domino messaging worlds today, but the rarely used Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) has many more features. Will POP's bubble burst soon? Not likely, according to an expert. 

  • Top five network management blunders

    Network management is not a job for the faint of heart, as this list of common mistakes shows. Tivoli CTO Bob Yellin explains what NOT to do when managing a network. 

  • Keystone nabs storage pack rats

    There is a way to curb your users' nasty storage behavior! If they are clogging your server space, storage resource management software might save the day like it did at Keystone Health Plan Central. 

  • Exchange 2000 migration: why and why not?

    Is the gain worth the pain of moving up to Exchange 2000? A migration expert explains why companies should and shouldn't migrate. Then, he ticks off a few of the challenges facing migration teams. 

  • Merger forces choice between Notes and Exchange

    Notes or Exchange? Making the decision between the two e-mail systems was tough for newly-merged UnumProvident. In the end, the obvious choice turned out to be the wrong one. 

  • How a virtual office works

    SearchWindowsManageability recently asked Bill Bruck, co-founder of Collaboration Architects, Inc., how virtual workplaces are implemented, what challenges the technology poses for early adopters, and if they're really needed. The company builds onli... 

  • New software authorizes user network entry

    Meetinghouse Data Communications, Inc. announced this week the availability of its 802.1X authentication software for Windows NT/2000. It promises to secure local area network (LAN) end-user access via encryption technology. 

  • Forecast & Review: Progamming

    Expert John Robbin's predictions for 2002