Enterprise Infrastructure Management

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  • ITIL, MOF and the Windows IT manager

    IT managers in the global IT world must learn how ITIL affects their Windows environments. ITIL expert Stuart D. Galup explains why U.S. IT managers have to get on board and how Microsoft Operations Framework relates to ITIL. 

  • Take a hard look at your disaster recovery plan

    Four major steps are required to properly evaluate an IT disaster recover plan test. Disaster recovery expert Russell Olsen addresses the first two: identifying source files and doing a verbal walkthrough. 

  • Testing your IT disaster recovery plan: Learn from your mistakes

    Some of the major steps required when testing an IT disaster recovery plan include using existing projects as an example and learning from your mistakes. Disaster recovery expert Russell Olsen breaks down the details. 

  • Microsoft Vista interoperability: What's at stake for IT managers?

    For IT managers who are contemplating Windows Vista deployment, perhaps the most critical question at hand is one of interoperability: How well will Vista interoperate within a corporate environment? Windows server-networking expert Laura E. Hunter p... 

  • Six steps to Windows IT service management

    Managing a Windows IT service management structure encompasses everything, from developing a plan to monitoring and reporting service quality. Expert Harris Kern explains how to harness the complicated world of Windows IT service management and share... 

  • Taking on Windows configuration management

    Windows configuration management is certainly a difficult task. While it may not be the most fun you've ever had, it will save you a lot of pain down the road. 

  • A disciplined approach to the Windows change management process

    Change management is a simple concept, but the process can be complex. Expert Harris Kern highlights the IT staff's roles in the Windows change management process. 

  • Disaster recovery planning: The execution methodology

    There are certain methods to creating a solid disaster recovery plan that every IT manager should follow. Expert Russell Olsen breaks down the key steps to proper disaster recovery planning. 

  • Windows capacity planning: Juggling user demand with system resources

    Major upgrades such as Windows Vista and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 can be especially taxing on a system, so it's important to do the proper capacity planning ahead of time. IT management expert Harris Kern offers nine steps to creating a success... 

  • Designing a strategic Windows security plan: A 12-step program

    If you're planning a major Vista upgrade, now is a good time to review your organization's Windows strategic security plan. IT management guru Harris Kern lays out a twelve step program for designing a strategic security plan in the pre-Vista era.