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  • Hungarian notation

    In programming, Hungarian notation is a set of conventions for naming data objects in which a programmer adds a meaningful prefix of one or several characters to the object's name to identify what type of object it is. 

  • When pursuing an IT career, is certification the best place to begin?

    Career expert Ed Tittel provides advice for the best way to get started when entering the IT job market. 

  • By taking a PRINCE2 course, what are my chances in the job market?

    Career expert Ed Tittel offers his thoughts on the value PRINCE2 has in today's IT job industry. 

  • canonical name

    A canonical name is the properly denoted host name of a computer or network server... (Continued) 

  • IT communication builds incident management successes

    The key to successful incident management is a strong connection among the incident management, service desk and problem management staffs. If a disconnect between them exists, you can make things better, says expert Stuart Galup. 

  • defragmentation

    Defragmentation is the process of locating the noncontiguous fragments of data into which a computer file may be divided as it is stored on a hard disk, and rearranging the fragments and restoring them into fewer fragments or into the whole file. 

  • AutoRun

    AutoRun is a feature of the Windows operating system that causes a certain file to open or a certain program to run automatically as soon as a compact disc (CD) is inserted into the CD drive. 

  • Tips for hiring the best Windows system, network and database administrators

    Contributor Russell Olsen shares his experiences in hiring Windows systems, network and database administrators and offers tips for determining the soft skills candidates should bring to the table. 

  • relative identifier (RID)

    In Windows 2000, the relative identifier (RID) is the part of a security ID (SID) that uniquely identifies an account or group within a domain. 

  • OOXML (Office Open Extended Markup Language)

    OOXML (Office Open Extended Markup Language), also called Open XML, is a file format for documents, spreadsheets and presentations that is intended for use with the 2007 and later versions of the Microsoft Office suite... (Continued)