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  • From the mind of Minasi

    Mark Minasi is an author and Windows expert. His observations are full of wisdom and also make for a fun way to understand the latest moving and shaking over at the world's largest software company. 

  • You're specialized? Your job may be on the line

    Industry pundits at Gartner say that if your IT job is narrowly defined, then watch your back. By 2010, successful IT professionals will be versatile and know how to synthesize business knowledge and IT competency. 

  • SOX boosts IT salaries

    A recent survey from Robert Half Technology says the demand for SOX auditors will help drive industry salaries up in 2006. 

  • Microsoft confirms preview plans for Exchange update

    Microsoft says it will release a limited test version of Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 at the end of the week. 

  • Will new Microsoft certifications be tough enough?

    The Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) credential places an emphasis on hands-on lab work over book smarts, a quality that Microsoft's MCSE and MCSA currently lack, some say. 

  • Blogcasts: Coming soon to a computer near you

    A recent outgrowth of the Web log craze is the "blogcast." If you've ever suffered through an hour-long webcast in search of a nugget of technical information, you'll appreciate the "get-to-the-point" format of blogcasting. 

  • IT learns to tune out blogging's white noise

    Blogs are an information minefield. With some effort, however, IT administrators, developers and managers can navigate around the mindless chatter and mysterious sources to get the technical information they need. 

  • Microsoft uses blogs to reach out to IT community

    In addition to offering technical information that IT administrators and developers crave, Microsoft's 1,400 company-hosted blogs serve as a way to make a "humanizing connection" to its customers. 

  • Options for maintaining high-availability servers

    Technology offers many ways to keep servers or the services they provide continuously available. Unfortunately, high availability is a subject that's overstuffed with arcane gadgetry and configurations, according to one IT training expert. 

  • The learning lowdown on Windows wireless

    With wireless networking gaining a greater foothold in the enterprise, many IT organizations are hampered by a lack of staff knowledge of wireless tools, technologies and techniques. There are ways to bridge the learning gap.