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  • Starting out toward MCSA: Which exams should I focus on?

    Expert Ed Tittel gives advice on the best exams to focus on when starting out toward MCSA. 

  • Will my certs matter if my job path has wandered?

    I was working as a system administrator for the past four years. Recently I changed my job, and I'm currently working on a SiteMinder (single sign-on) product in an application support capacity. I am keen on returning to core support and am intereste... 

  • Is the CCNP or the MCSE more in demand?

    I got my CCNA a few months ago and currently am going for a masters degree. I don't have a job or one lined up; things are not looking too promising out there. I think I'll go for another certification, but can't decide between CCNP and MCSE. I want ... 

  • Is the MCSE or the CCNA recommended for college students who have just completed A+ and N+?

    Is the MCSE or the CCNA recommended for college students who have just completed A+ and N+? 

  • Will the MCSE or the CCNP let me get a better job?

    I am CCNA certification holder without any experience in the U.S., and I'm finding it hard to get a job. I'd like to go for another certification like MCSE or CCNP. Which one should I go for to get a better job? Do you have any other advice regarding... 

  • Can I complete an MCSE or CCNA in five months?

    I've just finished my exams and hopefully will graduate in October/November this year. Since I have about five months to spare, I was thinking of taking up a course in networking. I have done some basic networking during my degree in the university. ... 

  • How easily can a person with MCSA, MCSE and A++ find work?

    I have more than five years in IT and am recently completing my MCSA, MCSE and A++ certs. Do you think the market is as bad as everyone says? Will I be able to find work? I live in New Jersey. 

  • How can an Iranian get a good IT job?

    I am an IT professional with more than five years of experience and a lot of IT certifications such as MCP, MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA, MCAD.NET and MCSD.NET from Microsoft, CNA and CCNP from Cisco Systems and Security+ from CompTIA. I live in Iran and there ... 

  • Is a Master of Science degree worthwhile for someone with an MCSE?

    I have just recently been accepted in one of Europe's most prestigious universities to earn a Master of Science in Computer and Communications Security. I am currently happy with the work I am doing (broad IT -- systems admin, network admin, etc.), a... 

  • Some pragmatic questions about the MCP

    I'm interested in doing a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) examination, but I have some questions about it.

    1. Can I take a laptop to the exam?
    2. Can I have the access to the Internet?
    3. Is it an open-book exam?
    4. How long is th...