Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administration

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  • A Window into interoperability

    Expert Laura E. Hunter explains the need for interoperability in Active Directory for netowrks running on Windows and non-Windows platforms. 

  • Exchange Server SP2 hits the street

    The latest service pack for Exchange Server 2003 touts better tools to fight phishing schemes, but the cool mobile management features won't be ready for two more months. 

  • 'R2' hits RC1 Milestone

    The next release of Windows Server 2003 is inching closer to completion. The release candidate of "R2" is now available. 

  • Ask Microsoft: Need help installing Server for NFS

    Microsoft Software design engineer Jeff Biseda offers advice on how to allow a Unix server to access NFS shares. 

  • Office 2003 SP2 cans spam

    Tuesday's patches contain spam and phishing crackdowns, plus support for November's SQL Server and Visual Studio releases. 

  • Windows Server 2003 R2 now a release candidate

    "RC0" is a near-final form of the server operating system's R2 release, which will stand as an interim version of Windows Server until Longhorn ships in 2007. 

  • Critical fixes for IE, Windows

    Of the security updates Microsoft released Tuesday, experts say those concerning Internet Explorer deserve the highest priority. 

  • Blocker planned for Windows Server 2003 SP1

    Microsoft has created a blocking tool to prevent the automatic download of the recent service pack for its server operating system. 

  • Windows Server 2003 'R2' beta on standby

    Testers will be able to download the public beta of the warm-up for Longhorn after Microsoft works out some administrative kinks. 

  • Woes with new Windows service pack uncovered

    As happened with Windows XP SP2, users are running into application compatibility issues with the recently released Windows Server 2003 SP1.