Windows Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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  • geo-replication

    Geo-replication is a type of data storage replication in which the same data is stored on servers in multiple geographic locations. 

  • IIS (Internet Information Server)

    Internet Information Server (IIS) is a group of Internet servers from Microsoft that can be installed with its Windows NT and 2000 operating systems. 

  • EDRAM (enhanced dynamic random access memory)

    EDRAM (enhanced dynamic random access memory) is dynamic random access memory (dynamic or power-refreshed RAM) that includes a small amount of static RAM (SRAM) inside a larger amount of DRAM so that many memory accesses will be to the faster SRAM. E... 

  • New AD features in Windows 2008

    In this video from TechEd 2008, Microsoft senior technical product manager Justin Graham discusses some of the lesser known improvements made to Active Directory with Windows Server 2008. Here you'll get details on features such as stickiness prevent... 

About Windows Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

For many Windows administrators, disaster recovery means performing a bare metal restore of a Windows server. This topic page offers guides, tutorials and expert tips to help make sure your enterprise is prepared to recover from a serious server issue with minimal downtime and data loss. Check out Eric Beehler's tip on how to plan for disaster recovery with Microsoft's Hyper-V.