Windows Operating System Management

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  • Acquisition impacts software distribution market

    One expert predicts that the purchase of Installshield will make Macrovision a "one-stop-shop" for software packaging, distribution and licensing. 

  • Christa Anderson Q&A: Securing Terminal Services

    Server-based computing introduces some unique security problems that don't enter into client-centric computing. Read Terminal Services expert Christa Anderson's answers to member questions from a recent webcast outlining approaches that will help you... 

  • IE -- A hard habit to break

    Listen closely. The drumbeat urging people to dump Internet Explorer is getting louder. I'm going to march to a different drummer on this one, though. I'll stick with IE. 

  • Microsoft aims to blunt Internet Explorer exploit

    The software maker has issued configuration changes for three versions of Windows in an effort to lessen the effects of a recently exploited vulnerability in its widely deployed Web browser. 

  • No support loophole for NT 4.0

    Microsoft says its new Virtual Server 2005 can help customers with migrations off NT 4.0, but they are mistaken if they think it will win them any more free support for this older version of Windows. 

  • Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz #18: Answer key

    ANSWER KEY: Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz #18
    The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals 

  • Disk defragging a lowly, but critical chore

    It's the ultimate in IT drudgery, but disk defragmentation is more important than ever, experts say, and administrators reluctantly agree. 

  • Microsoft goes for the 'common' touch

    When server software spending hit a low point two years ago, Microsoft quizzed its customers to see what it could do to jump start their interest in developing new IT projects. Microsoft learned from talking to IT professionals that one reason for th... 

  • Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz #17: Answer key

    ANSWER KEY: Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz #17
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Unleashed 

  • Microsoft grabs spotlight even when it stands pat

    Without fail, the most intriguing technology stories always have a Microsoft angle. This week, for example, Redmond stole Oracle's thunder by preemptively announcing that it had ever so briefly courted SAP.