Windows Operating System Management

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  • Users rate quality of Microsoft products, services

    In a new survey, nearly 1,000 IT administrators and managers rate the quality of a number of Microsoft products and services, including Windows Server 2003, Active Directory and Systems Management Server. 

  • Tilting at Microsoft security windmills

    I'm the administrator of a midsized network -- 6,000 users -- and due to who we are, we are always under attack from remote hackers. But over the past year, there have been three major attacks on our network that have come from within. 

  • Linux mentor now heads Windows group

    The Boston Windows Server User Group has a new chairman, who also happens to be new to championing the Windows platform. Kent Smith, president of IPSO Inc., in Wayland, Mass., is a consultant with much of his background in Unix and Linux. Formerly wi... 

  • Microsoft should weather IBM desktop move

    Industry observers expect Redmond to fend off IBM's bold move to challenge Microsoft's preeminence on the desktop. That doesn't mean Office is invincible, however. 

  • The changing face of identity management

    Forget everything you know about identity management. This technology has grown up a lot in the past six months. 

  • Late to migrate? MS offers free tool

    Microsoft is offering a free migration tool for the last of the NT 4.0 holdouts, but some customers say the gesture is too little too late. 

  • Microsoft's next-generation firewall hits homestretch

    A refresh of the ISA firewall will be introduced in May at TechEd 2004. 

  • Unfolding the layers of virtualization

    Forget the obsession with operating systems. IDC says the complex layers of virtualization will determine the effectiveness of future IT infrastructures. 

  • Microsoft customers balk at 'forklift upgrade'

    Just because Microsoft comes out with a new version of Windows, that doesn't mean everyone is eager to buy new machines so that they can enjoy all of the operating system's features. 

  • Homegrown upgrade study proves a valuable guide

    One organization's months of research into the most efficient way to migrate from one Windows system to another could benefit others facing the same decision.