Windows Operating System Management

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  • What is EFS?

    Wondering exactly what EFS is and how it's used? Check out our definition here. 

  • Linux not accountable for security, Ballmer says

    Microsoft has been playing catch-up on security issues such as patch management, but unlike Linux, at least Microsoft is accountable to its customers, CEO Steve Ballmer said today at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo. 

  • Startup offers new way to manage, protect public PCs

    A Utah startup last week released software that could give IT administrators a new way to manage publicly used PCs, which can be easy targets for viruses and misuse. 

  • Blame hackers, not Redmond, for cyberattacks

    Editor's note: Who's the real villain when it comes to security vulnerabilities in Windows? Not Microsoft, argues editorial advisory board member Larry Duncan. In a scathing rebuttal to news editor John Hogan's recent comment... 

  • Critical Windows, Exchange alerts issued

    Microsoft issued five critical alerts today, four for Windows and one for Exchange 2000 Server. 

  • Ballmer lays out Windows security plan

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Thursday mapped out a broad plan he said would help to make the Windows platform more secure against attacks. Ballmer made his comments before an audience of Microsoft partners in New Orleans. 

  • Group Policy may ease Active Directory pain

    Setting up Microsoft's Active Directory can be a pain, but a few of the features in Active Directory Group Policy for Windows Server 2003 may help lessen some of those pain points. 

  • Mark Minasi Q&A: Is WinServer 2003 ready for business?

    If NT is truly headed for IT oblivion, what's the next step for the Windows enterprise? Read Mark Minasi's answers to member questions on third-party support, licensing and feature bloat leftover from his webcast, NT 4.0 -- Hold 'em or fold 'em. 

  • IT product release dates annoy, bore users

    Administrators who rush out to buy software on product release dates can count themselves in the minority, according to a new survey. But while many say such release dates are artificial milestones, some find them helpful as IT planning guides. 

  • Letters to the Editor: Product release datesWaiting for Godot or media hype?

    When you first read about software release dates, do you roll your eyes? We asked members to tell us if product release dates were important and the response was overwhelming. Here are our favorites.