Windows Operating System Management

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  • Group Policy: Good for what ails ya!

    In the last six months, our pensive panel of experts have prescribed the merits of Group Policy as a remedy time and time again -- to a wide variety of user predicaments. 

  • Book Review: The Art of Deception -- Controlling the Human Element of Security

    Infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick demonstrates how "social engineers" acquire internal phone numbers, passwords and learn the company lingo to gain access to company networks and defeat complex security measures. 

  • MS throws volume-license users a bone

    Microsoft is offering premium customers the first crack at Exchange 2003. Maybe this will take some of the sting out of the wounds caused by the Licensing 6.0 fiasco. 

  • What exactly is DNS?

    What is the domain name system? Check out the definitions for DNS, dynamic DNS service and forward DNS lookup. 

  • The 'why for' on 'go to' guy, Bob Haynie

    Bob Haynie's bio 

  • Microsoft steers back to Longhorn release

    Microsoft's top server executive says a version of Longhorn for servers is a go, after all. 

  • User group leader offers IT security tips

    The chairman of the New England Information Security User Group recently provided with some of his favorite IT security tips. 

  • Microsoft's gaggle of CFOs

    Microsoft has updated Disney's classic "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Redmond's new summer blockbuster is called "John Connors and the Seven CFOs." 

  • Pricing for 'real-time' tools to be revealed in August

    Microsoft has added the word "live" to the name of its real-time communications software. Licensing and pricing information is expected to be released in mid-August. 

  • Redmond's restructuring draws praise

    News that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will appoint executives to independently oversee the finances of the company's business units was well received by customers and analysts.