Windows Operating System Management

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  • Microsoft to overhaul Licensing 6.0

    After nearly one year of rampant unpopularity, Licensing 6.0 faces sweeping changes. Microsoft is reportedly planning to sweeten the Software Assurance pot in an effort to repair nine months' worth of ill will 

  • Preparing for Microsoft developer exams: Tips, topics and resources

    This article discusses the key topics, programming languages, interfaces, development tools and environments that candidates for the MCAD and MCSD credentials must consider (and eventually master) along with pointers to resources to help prepare for ... 

  • Four ways to sell a patch management strategy

    If Code Red and Nimda weren't enough to help you persuade the boss to get a patch management strategy going, then these four "sales" tactics may help you make your case. 

  • Windows Decisions: Linux is here to stay

    It seems like you can't talk about Windows without talking about Linux. Three experts discussed the pros and cons of both at Windows Decisions 2003. 

  • Additional survey charts

    Additional survey charts 

  • Goodwill hunting -- Microsoft gives away Windows

    Microsoft may have a lot of cash, but the company is now seeking something money cannot buy -- the love and respect of its customers. And nothing says "kinship" like free copies of Windows Server 2003. 

  • Users give Windows high marks on quality wanted to know -- are our readers happy with Microsoft? According to our second annual survey, Windows admins and IT managers are glad to see Microsoft at least trying to make its products more secure and reliable. But despite the i... 

  • To upgrade or not? Windows users offer mixed views

    Think of NT 4.0 as Sean Connery and Windows Server 2003 as Pierce Brosnan. Microsoft is banking on the graying hairs of NT 4.0 to stoke interest in Windows Server 2003. But just as there are James Bond fans who're diehard Connery fans and don't care ... 

  • Redmond rushing to finish Exchange 2003

    Now that Windows Server 2003 has left the nest, Microsoft is rushing to get Exchange 2003 out the door. Users are hoping the release candidate will shed some much-needed light on the platform. 

  • Expert advice, Chicago and all that jazz

    The industry's brainiest and most high-powered analysts and experts headline the Enterprise Windows Decisions conference in Chicago this week. They'll help you hone long-term IT strategies and resolve your toughest technical problems.