Windows Operating System Management

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  • Five quick tips to keep your admin skills sharp

    Sure money is tight, but that doesn't mean your skills have to pay the price. Here are five cost-effective ways to keep your Windows admin skills sharp. 

  • Companies at a crossroads on instant messaging

    Instant messaging has gone over so well at home, it's bound to make its way into the office. But corporate IM still has some maturing to do before it's ready to get down to business. 

  • Admin Know-IT-All Question #24

    Admin Know-IT-All Question #24 

  • Got IT funding? Tips on crafting project proposals

    A few Windows administrators describe their strategies for getting executives to fund IT projects, despite tight budgets. 

  • It's all Geek to me

    If you want to read Microsoft's security bulletins, you'd better be conversant in Modern Geek. Fortunately, the company has announced that it will issue new security bulletins that speak to the non-Geek speaker. But there's always the danger that the... 

  • Power to the desktop: The webcasts

    It's been more than a year since Microsoft unveiled Windows XP. So why are the desktops in your enterprise still running Windows 2000 or (gulp) Windows 98? This exclusive series of eight webcasts from four of the industry's leading Windows authorit... 

  • David Madison Q&A: Exchange Server upgrade and deployment options

    Is it time to upgrade to Exchange 2000, or are you better off waiting for Exchange 2003? Jim Bernardo and David Madison, Exchange product managers for Microsoft, explain your migration options in their Jan. 23

  • Admin Know-IT-All Question #22

    Admin Know-IT-All Question #22 

  • Tiny toolmaker saves big money for Windows admins

    You can pay a mint for tools that monitor your Windows servers. But at least one small software company offers products that are far less "minty" and still deliver the goods. One caveat, though: this little "diamond in the rough" company is hiking it... 

  • KIA Quiz #18: None shall pass

    KIA Quiz #18: None shall pass