Windows Operating System Management

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  • MS appeals Java decision, users ambivalent

    Maybe it's the principle that counts. Many Windows customers and analysts yawned when the order came down that Microsoft must ship Java with XP. While some people appreciate the convenience, others say the news is "small potatoes." 

  • LinuxWorld: Shock value gone from Microsoft presence

    Unix, not Windows, may be Linux's biggest foe when it comes to establishing a foothold inside the enterprise data center. Microsoft, meanwhile, remains public enemy No. 1 at LinuxWorld, but its presence isn't exactly drawing picket protests. 

  • IT pros chafed about Microsoft's handling of summit

    This is the year that Microsoft is in charge of its own Management Summit. And IT pros say: don't bet on a great turnout at the Las Vegas event. Why? Let's just say Microsoft could use some help in the planning department. 

  • Mark Minasi Q&A: Tuning Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003, part 3

    Mark Minasi answers more questions left over from his Jan. 9 tuning webcast: What to tweak and what to replace. Read on for advice on partitions, service packs,... 

  • Web site puts your frustrations into words, song

    The Brunching Shuttlecocks -- sounds like the name of a rock band with a taste for badminton and eggs Benedict. But this is a Web site that can help if your frustrations with technology or the boss leave you speechless. 

  • Mark Minasi Q&A: Tuning Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003, part 2

    Mark Minasi answers leftover questions on FAT directories, Web servers, RAM and more from his Jan. 9 webcast.

  • Outlook Web Access: Installation issues, part 2

    Continuing from part one of this two-part article,'s resident Exchange expert Scott Schnoll addresses more reader questions about the often confusing OWA setup process. 

  • Outlook Web Access: Installation issues, part 1

    Outlook Web Access -- has anyone ever installed it without something going wrong? If the number of OWA questions that we receive is any indication, then the answer is an emphatic NO. In this two-part article,'s resident Exchange exp... 

  • Remote management shrinks the globe

    Stand-alone remote Windows management tools save IT pros hours of labor and their bosses thousands of dollars in travel bills. Three pros tell us what software they use -- not pcAnywhere -- and why. Convenient and efficient, yes, but there is one cav... 

  • Want job security? Be a consultant

    Your job title may read "IT" or "Windows administrator," but chances are that you are a de facto consultant too, especially if you make decisions, negotiate contracts, or manage a staff. Joe Webb is a trainer, application developer, network manager a...