Windows Operating System Management

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  • An overlooked IE feature

    SearchWin2000 member Bob Fuller shows how to use Internet Explorer's often overlooked autosearch feature. 

  • Remote monitoring

    SearchWin2000 member Peter Vogel tells about a handy remote monitoring utility that he has found especially useful. 

  • Be careful installing Windows XP RC1

    SearchWin2000 member Phil Ferraro gives an important heads up you need to consider before installing Windows XP RC1. 

  • Change your CMD completion character

    User Bob Fuller shares a handy way to avoid typing those long file names into your command prompt -- can you say auto-fill? 

  • Use wallpaper to ID your systems

    To keep track of all his servers, searchWin2000 member Bob Fuller creates bitmaps with their names. No more guess work. 

  • Be ready for XP

    Find out which computers you can buy for new users or to upgrade your workstation stable. 

  • Networking Windows Me

    searchWin2000 member David L. Morgan explains a workaround to allow networking of Windows Me in Win2k. 

  • Auto home directory for FTP

    This tidbit of a tip from searchWin2000 member Doug Crist explains a quirky directory default feature of Windows NT/2000 FTP. 

  • Win2k's one-stop networking

    User Parthasarathy Mandayam explains how Win2k gives access to all network and dial up connections in one convenient place. 

  • Mapping a printer in Windows 2000

    Mapping a printer in Windows 2000 is super-easy. User Chuck Corpening's tidbit of a tip explains.