Windows Server and Network Security

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  • remote code execution (RCE)

    Remote code execution is a security vulnerability that allows an attacker to execute codes from a remote server. 

  • Microsoft Dynamic Access Control (DAC)

    Microsoft Dynamic Access Control (DAC) is a data governance tool in Windows Server 2012 that lets admins control the permission of access settings in an organization. 

  • peer-to-peer network (P2P network)

    A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a network in which each computer functions as a client or server for other computers in the network. 

  • client-server network

    A client-server network is a communications model in which multiple client programs share the services of a common server program. 

  • MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)

    MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) is a certification program intended for people who seek entry-level jobs in an IT (information technology) environment. MCSA is a prerequisite for more advanced Microsoft certifications. 

  • controller

    A controller, in a computing context, is a hardware device or a software program that manages or directs the flow of data between two entities. In a general sense, a controller is just something or someone that interfaces between two systems and mana... 

  • icacls

    icacls is a command-line utility that can be used to modify NTFS file system permissions in Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7. 

  • AccessChk

    AccessChk is a free Sysinternals command-line utility that shows what access a user or group of users has to a particular service, file, folder or registry key. 

  • AccessEnum

    AccessEnum is a free Sysinternals tool that offers administrators a view of the full file system and registry security settings to ensure that users have appropriate permissions to access files and directories. 

  • DirectAccess

    DirectAccess is a feature introduced in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 that uses automated IPv6 and IPSec tunnels to allow remote users to access private network resources whenever they are connected to the Internet. 

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Security is one of the most important aspects of any Windows server operating system. This Windows server and network security topic page has the resources administrators need to keep their Windows environments safe and secure. With technical advice from Windows security experts, we have all the answers to your Windows server and network security needs. Get the latest server security news, tutorials and FAQs covering all of Microsoft's most recent server operating system releases – including Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 -- with details on the latest tools and best practices that every administrator should know.