Windows System and Network Performance Monitoring

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  • Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor

    The Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor is a tool that admins can use to examine how programs running on their computers affect their performance. 

  • Microsoft DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (Microsoft DCA)

    Microsoft DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (Microsoft DCA) is a tool administrators use to improve an enterprise's DirectAccess connection. 

  • wsname

    WSName, or Workstation Name Changer, is a freeware utility that automates the process of computer renaming. It was created by former Novell desktop management consultant David Clarke, who continues to update it periodically. 

  • TCPView

    TCPView is a Windows network monitoring utility that shows a graphical representation of all currently active TCP and UDP endpoints on a system. 

About Windows System and Network Performance Monitoring

Systems administrators have several options when it comes to tools for monitoring network performance of their Windows systems. It is normal for system performance to diminish over time as more applications and drivers are installed onto that system. However, if system performance eventually reaches an unacceptable level, an administrator must know how to diagnose those performance issues. This page provides the best tools and advice for systems administrators who need to keep a close eye on the performance of their Windows networks. You will also find news on the latest enterprise tools and software designed for system and network performance monitoring.