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Get started Feb 07, 2007

SQL defined database: Enjoy the view

Paul Tuohy provides a simple example to show you how SQL defined views may be of benefit in an existing environment. The easiest way to start using views is with iSeries Navigator, which is what I will be using in ... Continue Reading


Get started Aug 04, 2008

Encrypting files or fields on the iSeries

Encrypting files on iSeries is no trivial undertaking. Using vendor technologies such as those from Linoma Software and nuBridges may be easier than cobbling it all together with IBM tools. Continue Reading


Get started Feb 06, 2008

Copying IFS files with QCMDEXC as SQL stored procedure

ISeries PC/Windows connectivity expert Shahar Mor discusses how to copy IFS files to AS/400 with the QCMDEXC command. Continue Reading


Get started Jul 14, 2008

System i security report roundup

The AS/400 System Security Attributes report is useful to review all of the system values and network attributes to make sure that they are still set to the value that you expect based on your security policy. ... Continue Reading


Get started Jan 03, 2011

Hybrid cloud backup: Disk-to-disk-to-cloud backup explained

Hybrid cloud backup, or disk-to-disk-to-cloud backup is gaining popularity in both large enterprises and small businesses. But is it right for you? Continue Reading


Get started Jun 21, 2010

Small business backup quiz

Test your knowledge of backup and recovery, and take our small business backup quiz. Continue Reading


Get started Jan 24, 2011

Disaster recovery basics for SMBs: A quiz on DR planning strategies

A recent study said half of all SMBs were lacking a disaster recovery plan. Don't be one of them -- take our quiz in disaster recovery basics get started on your DR plan today. Continue Reading


Get started Aug 08, 2008

Linux for IBM i: Introducing Linux to IBM i people

Linux on i is a cheap, easy and very powerful operating system. This introduction to Linux for the AS/400 walks you through some history and resources including where to get Linux. The advantages of the OS are ... Continue Reading


Get started Aug 14, 2007

Preventing password hacking

How to securely implement iSeries for overseas operation. Continue Reading


Get started Jul 09, 2008

Excluding characters from AS/400 DB2 SELECT statements prevents mapping errors

In DB2 on AS/400, rows with characters that cannot be converted to a numeric value (A or #) need to be excluded from a SELECT statement in order to avoid a data mapping error when running the INT function on GLSBL. Continue Reading