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Manage Feb 18, 2008

New password-control security features for i5/OS V6R1

The new version of i5/OS for System I includes three notable new password-control security features. Here we outline the new V6R1 system values and their potential for enhancing system security. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 07, 2008

Group and object authority with level 20 security

ISeries security expert Carol Woodbury discusses group and object authority on security level 20. Continue Reading


Manage Mar 22, 2010

Macintosh backup and recovery: Best practices for Mac and PC backup

This tip looks at Macintosh backup and recovery best practices, and some things to keep in mind when backing up Macintosh and PC environments together. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 15, 2010

Disaster recovery costs: Making testing and planning cost-effective

DR can often seem daunting to many storage administrators because of its cost. Here are nine ways you can get more cost-effective disaster recovery. Continue Reading


Manage Aug 16, 2010

New Continuity Software RecoverGuard disaster recovery test app for virtual servers is released

Continuity Software's new release of its RecoverGuard 5.2 disaster recovery test software offers better visibility into virtualized environments. Continue Reading


Manage Aug 04, 2008

Moving to security level 30

On the AS/400, the key to moving from security level 20 to level 30 is determining where users will get their authority since the system removes user's *ALLOBJ when the system is IPLed. IBM's iSeries Security ... Continue Reading


Manage Aug 04, 2008

Changing the QSECOFR password

If the QSECOFR password on your system has been incorrectly set, you have to go in and reset it. The instructions for this are outlined in IBM's iSeries Service tools user IDs and passwords manual. Continue Reading


Manage Sep 12, 2008

Recovering your AS/400 security configuration

You need to have your AS/400 security plan built into your disaster recovery process. Step 1: Know the security objects and settings, and how and where they are saved. These objects include private authorities, ... Continue Reading


Manage Feb 01, 2007

Identify users that have never logged in

Here's a CLP and a CMD that list all of the users who have never been logged and have been created for more than "N" days ago. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 08, 2007

Know-IT-All Chapter Quiz: iSeries Backup & Recovery

Read our free chapter download: AS/400 Primer, Third Edition by Ernie Malaga, Doug Pence and Ron Hawkins and then take the quiz to see how much you've learned. Continue Reading