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  • Is it time for a Windows Server 2012 migration in your enterprise?

    The arrival of Windows Server 2012 served as a key milestone in the evolution of the data center, but Microsoft quickly turned around and released its R2 version. This quicker release pace and the many well-received features packed into the...

  • Two new SCCM add-ons for advanced IT management

    Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager tools fit the bill for small shops, but enterprises may have to spring for third-party SCCM add-ons.

  • Why a CIO's relationship with enterprise IT security is important

    A CIO's role and the overall success of an enterprise's security are the two main factors that can make or break an organization.

  • enterprise content management (ECM)

    Enterprise content management (ECM) is a set of defined processes that allow a corporation, agency or organization to obtain, organize, store and deliver information crucial to its operation in the most effective manner possible.

  • Five Windows Server 2012 R2 features admins should know

    The features in the latest iteration of Windows Server can improve an enterprise's capabilities and bring it closer to the cloud.

  • Microsoft cloud storage may lift Azure skyward

    Hoping to gain broader acceptance for its Azure cloud environment, Microsoft next week will debut a handful of cloud storage and server-level products and services that offer IT pros more muscle and manageability.

    At its annual

  • Microsoft pushes Azure, leaves data centers in the dark

    Microsoft’s enterprise vision revolves around cloud computing, so where do users of products like System Center Configuration Manager stand?

  • Four new WSUS features and capabilities all admins should know

    These four new features and capabilities in WSUS can simplify how admins roll out OS updates in their enterprises.

  • Diving into SMB 3.0's past and present

    How does SMB work? And what's new in SMB 3.0?

    Even the simplest network uses a variety of protocols and standards, allowing servers and other network devices to exchange data and run client-server applications. But it's not enough...

  • Microsoft Windows Update Agent

    Microsoft Windows Update Agent is a tool that can work in conjunction with Windows Server Update Services on each client computer in an enterprise that checks for available updates.

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