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  • For virtualization documentation, timing can be everything

    Virtualization documentation can swallow up huge chunks of time if you have to retrace your steps. Recording what you do as you do it could save lots of time down the road. Continue Reading

  • What advice does the PCI Special Interest Group have for compliance?

    A new PCI Special Interest Group document gives advice to enterprises on staying PCI DSS compliant after audits. Expert Mike Chapple highlights the key takeaways. Continue Reading

  • The effect of SOX on corporate governance and IT operations

    Compliance mandates established by the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, or SOX, are not new, but many organizations still grapple with the myriad effects of SOX on corporate governance and IT operations. In this SearchCompliance handbook, we explore the data management implications of SOX and how public organizations can comply and thrive.

    In the first piece, former CIO Harvey Koeppel reviews some of the best practices an enterprise can undertake toward creating a SOX-compliant data governance strategy and policy. In the second piece, expert contributor Jeffrey Jenkins explains how a management strategy centered around SOX compliance can bolster IT security as well as overarching business operations. In the third piece, former security officer Judith M. Myerson lays out four steps to streamline data retention requirements in order to consolidate information management and remain SOX-compliant. Continue Reading

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