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  • Track deleted email items after a central mailbox move

    When you're stumped on how to track email items following a central mailbox move, fix the dilemma by knowing what happens to items in mailboxes when they move to a PST file. Continue Reading

  • RTF security: Avoiding embedded malware

    The Zeus malware is threatening RTF security by embedding itself in the file, which is commonly seen as safer than other file formats such as PDFs. Learn how to prevent the threat. Continue Reading

  • How to ensure a high-availability cloud

    High availability and redundancy have always been an important part of local storage, but they're just as important in cloud storage. At first glance, it might seem easy to dismiss these aspects of cloud architecture as beyond your control because the cloud storage provider's internal infrastructure is established. But think again.

    While you might not be able to configure a cloud storage provider's fault-tolerant mechanisms, you can take steps to ensure you have resilient connectivity to cloud storage. Furthermore, there are technologies that allow you to achieve true fault tolerance for cloud storage by implementing technology such as striping data across multiple clouds. In this chapter, Brien Posey, a leading technical expert specializing in storage architectures, answers key questions regarding high-availability cloud storage, fault tolerance and overall reliability in the cloud. Continue Reading

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  • Guide to calculating ROI from VDI

    Calculating ROI from VDI requires a solid VDI cost analysis. Consider ROI calculation models, storage costs and more to determine...

  • Keep the cost of VDI storage under control

    Layering, persona management tools and flash arrays help keep virtual desktop users happy and VDI storage costs down.