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  • Should finance be part of software tester training?

    How much do you need to understand about the product and industry you're testing in? Expert Gerie Owen thinks the answer is probably more than you'd think. Continue Reading

  • Stand-alone servers are alone no more

    Hyper-converged infrastructure has shaken up the server market, and stand-alone servers are certainly on "Treacherous Ground." The stand-alone server has been replaced by integrated appliances faster than it took you to read this sentence. And recent trends show that more bundling and integration is the future of data center hardware.

    But life isn't always difficult for IT pros, as these pre-validated appliances reduce time to deployment and offer a one-throat-to-choke support paradigm. But their jobs aren't exactly peachy. Hyper-converged infrastructure sets a new standard for speed and agility. In the age of self-service clouds, being a GUI-based admin responding to one-off user requests is no longer enough.

    The data center is changing. Don't wake up and realize you spent the time and effort to refresh your hardware -- but not your skills.

     Continue Reading

  • Why physicists are a good fit for data science jobs

    With data scientists in short supply, physicists and other academic researchers from hard-science disciplines are increasingly finding places on data science teams -- and even leading big data analytics projects. Continue Reading

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  • Public-sector analytics teams struggle to implement innovation

    Bureaucratic rules and risk-averse culture make it difficult for public-sector agencies to take advantage of data-driven decision-making, despite clear benefits. Continue Reading

  • The CIO's role in enterprise mobile application development

    Traditionally, enterprise mobile application development is not a skill that most IT departments look for when hiring. But that is changing quickly as more and more general business applications go mobile. In this SearchCIO handbook, we examine the latest enterprise mobile application development strategies to help businesses take advantage of this latest iteration of the mobile revolution. The articles look at enterprise mobile application development from a variety of viewpoints: We delve into the latest tactics used by business leaders to gain access to mobile app development skills, discuss who should take charge of the mobile app dev strategy and look at how augmented reality is fast becoming part of enterprises' mobile strategies. We hope this information helps your company achieve the bottom-line benefits of integrating mobile application development into business processes. Continue Reading

  • What is the most important software testing skill I can learn?

    It's tempting to think that the best testers are those with lots of technical experience. But, according to expert Gerie Owen, technology can only take you so far. Continue Reading

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