Windows Server Tips | Page 43


  • Work around Windows' hidden tooltip issue

    Every now and then, the Windows tooltips that show when you hover the mouse over any element in the Taskbar or System Tray inexplicably appear behind the Taskbar. Microsoft has never come out with ...

  • How to force immediate Active Directory replication for

    Just how fast can replication take place in your Active Directory network? You might be surprised. Systems software expert Gary Olsen presents a case study on how to use intrasite replication to ac...

  • Reset Internet Explorer settings

    A somewhat undocumented feature of IE7 is a function that allows you to reset Internet Explorer to the state you'd have on a clean install.

  • Crimping RJ-45 connectors onto CAT6 cable

    Crimping RJ-45 connectors onto CAT-6 cable can be particularly frustrating, because CAT-6 is quite a bit thicker than CAT-5 cable. Here are some techniques to make the process of installing RJ-45 c...

  • AGDLP reduces account management, permissions managemen

    AGDLP is a practice that can greatly reduce your administrative headaches related to account management and permissions management.

  • Replacing motherboard's RAID controller with add-on car

    Many motherboards now ship with an on-board controller that performs hardware RAID. Such controllers may not offer some features that an add-on card offers. And if you're planning on replacing the ...

  • Migrating Microsoft Outlook 2003contact lists

    Learn what you can do to avoid a recopy of the Microsoft Outlook 2003 contact database while migrating to a new PC.

  • Password management made easy with AnyPassword freeware

    Need help managing passwords? You're in luck, as member John Catania explains there's a freeware utility called AnyPassword that can help.

  • Six steps to Windows IT service management

    Managing a Windows IT service management structure encompasses everything, from developing a plan to monitoring and reporting service quality. Expert Harris Kern explains how to harness the complic...

  • Disable requirement for signed drivers in 64-bit Vista

    Installing a hardware driver in 64-bit Vista that isn't signed can be daunting. Fortunately, there is a workaround that involves manually editing Windows Vista's boot configuration.

  • Restoring NTBACKUP files to Windows Vista

    There is a way of restoring NTBACKUP files to Windows Vista, thanks to the Windows NT Backup-Restore Utility, which you can download from the Microsoft Web site. First, you'll have to enable Remova...

  • Findpart utility locates lost partitions on disk

    The site is a repository for information related to disk partition issues. From the site you can download a set of utilities for partition work, the best of which is Findpart, ...

  • Hiding network shares

    Learn how to hide irrelevant network shares that the average user shouldn't have access to, in this user-submitted network managment tip.

  • Windows Server 2008: The new AD features

    With the release of beta 3 for Windows Server 2008, code-named Longhorn, interest in Microsoft's new server OS has grown within the Active Directory community. Gary Olsen details some of Windows Se...

  • Remote Desktop Protocol as an alternative to a KVM swit

    KVM cables can only be so long. Wireless KVM is expensive. In certain situations, Remote Desktop Protocol is a viable alternative to a KVM switch.

  • Keeping your Windows servers clean

    If your shop doesn't use a professional cleaning service, these tips will help you keep your servers clean and your server room as dust-free as possible.

  • Taking on Windows configuration management

    Windows configuration management is certainly a difficult task. While it may not be the most fun you've ever had, it will save you a lot of pain down the road.

  • Daisy-chaining SCSI devices

    With SCSI, you can daisy-chain (physically wire) multiple devices together. However, if you're considering daisy-chaining multiple SCSI devices together, you should know the SCSI bus will only supp...

  • Output wrangling with PowerShell

    Let's make it easier to browse WMI classes without cheating by filtering the content. It's pretty simple: all it takes is a new cmdlet and working with variables.

  • Use DelinvFile utility to delete invalid files and fold

    Systems administrators sometimes have difficulty deleting invalid files and folders. The creators of the PurgeIEtool have developed the DelinvFile utility, which removes offending files or folders ...