Windows Server Tips | Page 44


  • Hiding network shares

    Learn how to hide irrelevant network shares that the average user shouldn't have access to, in this user-submitted network managment tip.

  • Remote Desktop Protocol as an alternative to a KVM swit

    KVM cables can only be so long. Wireless KVM is expensive. In certain situations, Remote Desktop Protocol is a viable alternative to a KVM switch.

  • Keeping your Windows servers clean

    If your shop doesn't use a professional cleaning service, these tips will help you keep your servers clean and your server room as dust-free as possible.

  • Daisy-chaining SCSI devices

    With SCSI, you can daisy-chain (physically wire) multiple devices together. However, if you're considering daisy-chaining multiple SCSI devices together, you should know the SCSI bus will only supp...

  • Taking on Windows configuration management

    Windows configuration management is certainly a difficult task. While it may not be the most fun you've ever had, it will save you a lot of pain down the road.

  • Output wrangling with PowerShell

    Let's make it easier to browse WMI classes without cheating by filtering the content. It's pretty simple: all it takes is a new cmdlet and working with variables.

  • NTBACKUP, it was nice knowing you. I'll miss you in Vis

    When Backup Exec failed to back up and delete the Microsoft Exchange log files, a systems administrator turned to the NTBACKUP tool to back up his Exchange database.

  • Use DelinvFile utility to delete invalid files and fold

    Systems administrators sometimes have difficulty deleting invalid files and folders. The creators of the PurgeIEtool have developed the DelinvFile utility, which removes offending files or folders ...

  • When authentication fails: Troubleshooting Windows time

    Authentication issues caused by time services can result in a lot of problems concerning Active Directory security. Fortunately, they can be easy to fix if you have the right tools.

  • Use Microsoft tool to view Vista system settings at onc

    Once you've deployed Vista, you'll undoubtedly start installing printers, drivers and applications. While many admins currently have to deal with multiple Control Panel windows when locating these...

  • You can run Windows XP from an external USB hard

    Although Microsoft says it's not possible to run Windows XP from an external (USB) hard drive, Ngine Software has created a guide to building an installation of Windows XP that can be booted from a...

  • Perform unattended installations of Windows XP

    Installing Windows XP on new desktop computers can be a monotonous job for systems administrators. They can automate the task via the Setup Manager utility.

  • Built-in Admin account is disabled in Windows Vista

    In versions of Windows prior to Vista, the Administrator account was enabled and created with a blank password during setup. This left the system vulnerable not only during a Windows installation b...

  • Perform bare metal restore of WS03 using NTBACKUP

    NTBACKUP is not an ideal tool for performing a bare metal install. However, if your backups were made using NTBACKUP, you don't have much choice in terms of using Automated System Recovery backup.

  • Process Monitor tool gets around shortcomings of Micros

    The Windows operating system does not provide a troubleshooting tool that allows you to clean up a system infected with malware, see how your files have changed or monitor registry processes and th...

  • fLogviewer freeware helps admins keep up with huge log

    Dealing with constantly-updating log files can be a Windows administrator's worst nightmare. However, the fLogViewer freeware tool can monitor plaintext log files in real time, handle IIS quirks an...

  • Group Policy management: Disabling CMD

    You can disable CMD in Group Policy in two steps according to Wes Noonan, our Windows-based network infrastructure security design expert. In this tip, he'll tell you how to prevent your network us...

  • Fatal error when using Sysprep utility to clone Windows

    Systems administrators who are using the Sysprep utility to prepare a Windows Vista system (typically for cloning) may gets a fatal error message. Microsoft says the problem is more the fault of Vi...

  • Time services: A closer look at Windows authentication

    Proper Windows authentication is crucial to maintaining a secure environment. Active Directory expert Gary Olsen explains the important role that time services plays in Kerberos functionality.

  • Create and manage hardware profiles

    Hardware profiles, which are set by a systems administrator, describe which pieces of hardware are enabled or disabled when a system is booted under a given profile. They eliminate the process of W...