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  • Does SharePoint 2010 have a place in the cloud?

    SharePoint Online has several advantages over the on-premise version. But in what scenarios does it make the most sense? SharePoint expert Richard Harbridge answers that question and more in this v...

  • SharePoint 2010 lends a hand to Microsoft PowerPivot

    As more organizations develop their business intelligence strategies with tools like Microsoft PowerPivot, they might want to consider SharePoint 2010's dashboard capabilities.

  • Governance gets a facelift in SharePoint 2010

    Although SharePoint governance has posed several dilemmas for admins and developers with past versions, SharePoint 2010 provides improved architecture and control.

  • The Windows Report -- Looking ahead to 2010

    A quick recap of the year that was, with a look ahead to 2010. IT author and consultant Jonathan Hassell calls in to discuss what will be the big Windows topics next year.

  • Best practices for DNS troubleshooting

    There are several methods to troubleshooting DNS in Windows. In this screencast, Directory Services MVP Gary Olsen demonstrates a few different techniques.

  • The Windows Report -- Analyzing the IT job market

    In the September edition of The Windows Report, we take a look at Microsoft's certification roadmap, and Kevin Beaver calls in to discuss the current state of the IT job market, with tips on how to find...

  • The Windows Report -- Will AD have your back in R2?

    In the August edition of The Windows Report, Don Jones discusses what to expect from the new Active Directory Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2008 R2, and Gary Olsen demonstrates how to quickly perform an...

  • Inside BranchCache for Windows 2008 R2

    In the July edition of The Windows Report, Microsoft MVP Gary Olsen offers his thoughts on Windows Server 2008 R2's BranchCache feature, followed by a new tip for cleaning up your server from Windo...

  • Hyper-V workarounds: How to ensure high availability

    In this videocast, Nelson Ruest provides tips and workarounds for achieving the same level of high availability with Hyper-V as you would with VMware's hypervisor technology.

  • Hyper-V best practices for performance and backups

    Deploying Hyper-V will potentially have a huge effect on your environment. Some of the major areas of impact include the performance of virtual machines, as well as changes to backup strategies and...

  • Understanding virtualization with Hyper-V

    In this webcast, MVP Greg Shields explains how Hyper-V can be used to bring inexpensive and easy-to-use server virtualization into your Windows infrastructure.

  • Working with snapshots in Microsoft Hyper-V

    This screencast runs through how snapshots benefit a virtual environment, as well as how to create and use them in Hyper-V.

  • Configuring virtual machines with Hyper-V

    This screencast, breaks down the different factors to consider when configuring virtual machines, and sheds light on the virtual hardware resources included with Hyper-V.

  • Using the MAP Toolkit for Hyper-V

    This screencast explains how to use the MAP Toolkit, a free Microsoft download that can ease the configuration of Windows virtual environments.

  • Working with VHDs in Hyper-V

    This screencast breaks down the different virtual hard disk (VHD) drive types supported by Microsoft Hyper-V, and explains how to create them.

  • Configuring virtual networks in Hyper-V

    This short screencast explains how virtual networking works in Microsoft Hyper-V, and walks you through the configuration process.

  • Russinovich: Virtualization, Sysinternals and the cloud

    Microsoft technical fellow Mark Russinovich discusses several topics that are on the horizon for Windows administrators, such as cloud computing, client virtualization and the release of Windows 7 ...

  • SharePoint -- The Good, the Bad and the UGLI

    SharePoint has its pros and cons, but avoiding pain depends more on an organization's situational factors than the product. This webcast covers the good capabilities of SharePoint, its holes, and t...

  • Breaking down AD in Windows 2008

    In this video from TechEd 2008, Microsoft senior technical product manager Justin Graham discusses some of the lesser known improvements made to Active Directory with Windows Server 2008. Here you'...

  • Breaking down the RODC with Windows 2008

    In part two of our interview with Microsoft senior technical product manager Justin Graham, learn how the read-only domain controller can help improve branch office security.