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Free tool simplifies Exchange 2007 certificate creation and management

Simplify certificate creation and management in Exchange Server 2007 with this free downloadable tool.

If you're looking for an easier way to generate certificate requests, you can now enlist the help of a free tool released recently from U-B Tech Solutions Ltd.

Generating certificate requests can be tricky. When requesting a certificate, you must provide the corresponding server's fully qualified domain name (FQDN). It's easy to make a mistake when issuing a certificate request, since many organizations use several different domain names. Giving incorrect information here will result in an invalid certificate, which can be a costly situation to rectify.

U-B Tech Solutions' Certificate Manager for Exchange 2007 allows the use of additional subject names, which reduces the chance of incorrectly entering a domain name.

Certificate Manager also generates Exchange Server 2007 certificate signing requests and processes certificate authority (CA) answers. Other features range from import and export capabilities for existing certificates to generation of additional Exchange Server 2007 self-signed certificates.

Download the free tool at U-B Tech Tech Solutions' website.

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