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Eager to learn what Microsoft Office SharePoint Server can do? This media center features resources admins can use to plan for deploy and determine if this collaboration platform is right for their shop.

As Microsoft Office SharePoint Server becomes increasingly popular, many Windows managers are eager to learn what...

this collaboration platform can do for them. This learning center features webcasts, podcasts and videos that can help you plan for, deploy and -- most important -- determine if SharePoint is right for you.



  • SharePoint best practices

    Windows managers should have the right tools, technologies and knowledge in place to ensure a successful SharePoint Server deployment. This interview with Mike Watson, technical architect for Microsoft SharePoint Server, offers some helpful tips for Windows managers who are ready to deploy this collaboration platform or add more sites.


  • Getting SharePoint up and running
  • So you have SharePoint deployed in your enterprise — now what? This tipcast offers some pointers on finding the best deployment strategy for your SharePoint installation. It also reviews the biggest pitfalls to avoid when getting SharePoint up and running.



  • SharePoint: The next steps

    Microsoft SharePoint 2007 technologies are rapidly becoming an important part of the enterprise as organizations continue to look for ways to extend the system to meet user demand and requirements.

    In this webcast, Burton Group research director Guy Creese talks about the growth of SharePoint in the enterprise, the challenges of maturing deployments and the market for solutions that support enterprise needs.


  • SharePoint and identity management: Mixing oil and water?

    Many enterprises find that SharePoint Server holds sensitive information that must be strictly controlled or shared with external parties. And while enterprises can use SharePoint's inherent security and identity controls -- or third-party tools -- to manage this information, these tools all come with their own set of limitations, restrictions and prerequisites.

    In this webcast, Burton Group's Gerry Gebel talks about the challenging security and identity use cases for SharePoint collaboration, when third-party tools are necessary and whether there are any conventions emerging for securing SharePoint sites. He also talks about how identity management for SharePoint may change in the future.



  • SharePoint exec tackles technical questions about MOSS 2007

    In this videocast Q&A, Tom Rizzo, director of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, offers practical advice on SharePoint governance issues, tools and tradeoffs between control and empowerment as well as tips on migration, file shares and upcoming features.

    Other SharePoint Resources


  • SharePoint e-zine: Practical IT strategies for enterprise collaboration's monthly SharePoint e-zine is full of articles and tips on governance, management and implementation to help you tackle your technical questions and become a SharePoint master. Every month you'll find articles on key SharePoint issues that have the biggest impact on your deployment.

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